WordPress Tutorial: Learning WP From The Basics To The Top For Free

Closer to Christmas it is time for gifts and free amazing resources.

So what’s best for an article if not a collection of excellent WordPress tutorials?

What You Will Learn In This Article:

  • The best online course on how to master WordPress
  • What code do you need to be a WordPress professional
  • Starting your own blog in less than 5 minutes
  • Get a free copy of my perfect WordPress Setup
  • Which Plugins you need to make it professional
  • How to choose and set up an autoresponder/newsletter software in the right way
  • How to choose a theme and evaluate the SEO strength before you buy it
  • How to make all the changes you need to customize your blog in the best way possible


WordPress Tutorials list:

When I started my WordPress experience I was already working online with HTML, CSS and some e-commerce platforms.

Also, my first CMS was an earlier version of Joomla and before choosing WordPress I came across Drupal and many others.

I was happy with Joomla but not completely satisfied, so when I tried WordPress, it was true love.

All this happened in early 2008 when I started my first real blog.

From there I spent thousands of dollars learning how to code WordPress.

At that time there weren’t online courses and all the features readily available today, so most custom features and designs had to be coded in house.

If you saw how simple and empty WordPress was then you would ask yourself why I chose WordPress. It was promising and after years I must say that it was the best choice.

Starting from there WordPress has grown a lot and today it has become one of the most complete and versatile CMS.

With WordPress you can build several kinds of website, from a 5 minute blog (my special course that teaches you how to set up the perfect blog in WordPress in 5 minutes) to e-commerce, forums or social network etc.

WordPress is mainly a blogging platform, so it is not always the best idea to use it for other services, it depends on what kind of performance you expect from the website.

However, if you want a blog-based multipurpose website SEO optimized, WordPress is the way to go!


How Do You Learn WordPress The Right Way?

After years of experience with WordPress, working with many clients on various niches I understood how many things you could do with WordPress but also, how hard it is to understand why and how.

If you don’t do it properly, mastering WordPress can be a hard task.

Knowing how to become a good WordPress designer/developer isn’t so difficult, however the risk of reading millions of articles and paying thousands of dollars without getting any result is real.

Every day I need to teach people how to perform basic tasks although they have spent thousands in WordPress Tutorials and eBooks, and this happens because no one has given them the right path to follow.

So let’s see by starting from scratch, learning WordPress, having lots of fun and succeeding from the first 5 minutes!


WordPress Staging: Get Your Own WordPress Blog Ready To Be Destroyed

Doesn’t it sound amazing, that you can have a Wordpress installation in a perfect environment, where you can destroy it over and over again without fear?

To test, experiment and then, when everything is working, with the push of a button put it online?

I will let you in on the first secret you should know that very few people will teach you: Staging!


What Is Staging?

When I introduce any newbie into WordPress in this new world (and not just newbies, because really I use it every day) I literally force them to buy a hosting with the Staging features.

The best two hosting sites I love that have this feature are Siteground and WpEngine.


What Does The Staging Allow?

The staging features allow you to create a copy (or many copies) of your own website online with which you can test all the features you prefer.

You can change code, install plugins, test themes, design and really create any kind of mess you desire, and when you get the setup you love, with the click of a button you can make it live.

If you destroy a staging copy and you create a mess, no worries. You can rinse and repeat as many times as you desire, just by cloning the original and installing it again and again with just one click.

Isn’t it amazing?

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How Do You Create A WordPress Blog In Seconds With The Staging Features?

Easy, you should buy a domain on Siteground and then follow my 5 minute tutorial.

If you also want to setup a professional blog, just follow my 1 minute cloning WordPress Set up to clone a complete installation.

The setup and the panel in Siteground are the same as JustHost, so all the tutorials work the same.

Just to give you a quick overview here are the steps to follow:


How To Set Up A Staging Environment & Install WordPress In 2 Minutes

Setting up WordPress is easy and a staging environment is easier and faster, you just need to click a button and I will show you how you can do it in one second.

Basically JustHost (the hosting from the 5 minute tutorial) and Siteground use the same control Panel.

Both use cPanel, so once you buy your domain you will have the same working environment.


How To Buy A Domain And Setup Your First WordPress:

Let’s see how to buy a domain from Siteground and setup WordPress in 2 seconds.

1) Go to Siteground

2) Choose a domain name and hit search



Once it is confirmed that the domain is available you will be redirect to the Pricing and Plans panel.


Here, select a GoGeek Plan to have the Staging Features and many more features that will allow you to have a professional Website.

LifestyleUltimatum is built on a GoGeek Plan.

Once you select the plan you will be redirected to the checkout, fill all the fields and pay with your credit card.

I would suggest that you leave all the selections as they are, with Hacker alert monitoring and privacy activated.




Once you are ready you have the same cPanel as JustHost in my tutorial, you just need to click on the My accounts tab and Manage my account Button.



You will be direct to a page where you can select Go to cPanel.


Now you are on the same cPanel as the one from JustHost that you see in the tutorial.

From here you can perform all the same actions as in the videos.

To install WordPress just go under WordPress Installer and to set up a Staging copy of your WordPress Installation you just need to click on Staging.



WordPress Automatic Installation:

Once you are on the Installer after clicking on the WordPress Installer icon, follow these steps:

  1. Select the domain (already selected)
  2. Leave the “In Directory” field empty if you want WordPress installed on your main domain
  3. For now you can leave the Site Name and description as they are, you can easily change them after from inside the WordPress Panel
  4. Write down User and Password (if you want to change them you just need to write the ones you prefer)
  5. Click install

In 10 seconds you will have your WordPress Installed.

To create your Staging copy where you can play with all of the WordPress features you want follow this image:




Then create a copy with just one click:



Once your copy is ready, you will have a second WordPress installation ready to be tortured!

You can create as many staging environments as you want. Any copy will be named staging1.yourdomain.com, staging2.yourdomain.com etc…

Like this:


What you see in this image is a perfectly cloned website, with its own FTP, all the plugins, themes, the admin area etc. Everything is just like the original.

You can play with it and perform any changes you like and once it is ready, with a simple click you will push it live on the main domain.



Simple, fast and AMAZING!

You cannot imagine how many times I have seen my website destroyed by an update gone wrong, a bad change or hacking.

All those problems have magically disappeared forever with staging!

Now I just need to push a button to make every copy live.

All this for just $50 a year more than a cheaper hosting site. This is great!

If you want to know whether Siteground is a great Hosting site, check my tutorial on how to test your Hosting performance properly.

There I will show you how well this hosting is performing, and you will understand why this is the right choice for you.

Once you are ready, from here you just need to perform the setup from my tutorial and then follow next step.


Mastering WordPress From Nothing? Here Is What You Need To Know.

Now it is time to understand WordPress more in depth.

I suggest you learn to use WordPress by playing with your Staging environment, and what is the best way to do that if not by using a complete WordPress course?

So here is the second tutorial on WordPress, the best WordPress course (in my opinion) that you can find online.

Sadly it is not free but it cost only $ 17, and it worth every cents.

In this course you can learn every step to master your WordPress from the very basics, how a Domain is connected with hosting, what DNS are, how to install WordPress Manually, all the basic setup step by step and much more.

It is all good knowledge to have.

Thanks to my 5 minute course you will have all those setup ready, however this course will give you more awareness of how WordPress works behind the scenes.


Plugins Time!

No WordPress installation is complete without customizing it with a range of handy plugins.


You don’t need thousands of plugins; if you have too many they slow down your WordPress installation so try not to install more than 50. That’s about your limit. With the right ones installed your blog will grow faster.

This article is quite self-explanatory, you just need to check it out and read it carefully.

You probably won’t need all that many plugins right now, but I am sure in your path to WordPress perfection you will need more of them.



It is many years since I installed WordPress and once you start doing it seriously, no matter what your niche is, what kind of website you are building or what your audience is, gyou will need an Autoresponder if you want succeed.

If you want to know why you should have an autoresponder I have another great free tutorial for you:


This is one of the best pieces of advice I can give you: ‘the money is in the list’ and an autoresponder is the key to making it happen. Check out the video!


Want More? So Let’s See What Theme Makes Your Blog The Best On The Market.

Now it’s time to get serious.

There is no way to succeed on the web if your blog doesn’t perform very well.

A good performing blog should have a great theme, ready for SEO purpose, easy to set up and customize, with a lightweight code that allows your reader the best user experience.

Although this may seem an easy task to fulfill it is not, believe me.

I thought I would also provide you with a great guide to learn how to test and choose the best WordPress theme for your blog before you waste a dime.

Trust me, this is something you rarely find online. Don’t miss it.


Where Do We Go From Here?

Once you are mastering WordPress, one of the things you will love is animating your blog and making it behave in the perfect way you expect.

Setup some stunning graphics and animations, make great pop-ups, and setup special design behavior to make it more Elegant or “Fancy” and attractive.

You should also know how to fix unexpected problems when they happen.

To do so you should know how to work with WordPress Database and PHP.


This course is not exactly WordPress based but, when we talk about the structure, WordPress comes later.

This course will give you an overview of how the WordPress Development Language is, because WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL Database.

You don’t need to master PHP or MySQL, but it can be useful to have a look at to understand what those names stand for.

All those things seem hard to achieve and of course they are absolutely not mandatory to be a professional blogger.

The great thing about WordPress is that you really don’t need to know how to code to get great results, but if you are interested in learning more and becoming a better WordPress developer it is well worth the time spent.

From here the next free course you could check once you know WordPress and how it works behind the scenes is ‘How to Learn JavaScript and JQuery from Scratch.’


Again, not all this knowledge is crucial. Today you can find hundreds of Plugins ready to perform all the special animations and actions you love.

If you check in the Code Canyon list you will find many different JQuery ready tools and plugins. However, knowing how things work is sometimes useful and interesting, you don’t really need to learn how to code here.



Again I will never stop saying it, but in my 5 minute installation and in my 1 minute WordPress cloning you will get a great WordPress installation safe and ready.

However the security knowledge should never be underestimated.

I can confirm that it is a science and one day or another you will need this knowledge so why not to learn it here free again?

Here is the best collection of security articles you should read:

This is the WMPU best guide online in my opinion. It is an easy but complete guide. It is not everything that you really need to know but it is a great start for a beginner.

It gives a complete overview of all the things you should know in order to have a secure website:


More than anything else, you should also read the official WordPress guide on the argument.

This is also a complete guide. It is not easy like the WMPU one but it is worth a read because it still the official guide:


If you want more, you should learn how to drive traffic to your website now that you have all of that setup.

So I would advise you to read two great articles that shouldn’t be missed.

The first one is Matthew Woodward’s training on how to drive traffic to your blog with BuzzBundle. It is in my opinion one of the most stunning tutorials on the web about traffic generation in seconds!


The second one is the Robbie Richards’ Guide to master long-term traffic generation for your blog and get really great results:


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