Website heat map Tools: Now I see what you do

The heat map tools undoubtedly have always been a useful tool. Find the most important areas of a site greatly helps the marketing and that I am a lover of the heatmap I must recommend their use.

Which is great, but for someone who knows how they works, it is clear that although they are close to really show what the user does, unfortunately you can’t really know what happens when your website is visited. Till now!

If we could see what happens each time a visitor comes to our site, individually, for example, you could see how it interacts alone with our newsletter webform, with our buy button, in our landing pages, and much more! Could be amazing?

See how in this video:


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As you see in the video you can understand the movements of the mouse, so you can see if your target is relaxed or nervous when he see a pop up, when he interacts with your pages, when it have to decide to spend some money. Think about it! What can you do with a tool like this?!

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If we think of the benefits it offer to an e-commerce website, the ability to see how a user makes his purchase, or how he abandons the cart, etc…

Would not it be great? And what if it is free?

So I present you Inspectlet, the new online service that allows you to see the heatmap of your site, but above all to see on the screen what does your user, and what happens when they browse your site.

That’s right I’m talking about just record a video as well as capturing the heat map!

Do you like to read?

Let’s look at what Inspectlet can do for us.

What you already know of the softwares of this kind is the heatmap tools, but, the limitations of the common heatmp are very high. In this case we can have really much more than this, just with an amazing trick: Videos!

Website heat map Tools

The interface is very simple, and here we have the recordings that he has done for us.

Actually lifestyle ultimatum is a brand new website so, I really have only 2 pages and nearly 14 visitors in these two days, so the data are still a few to be significant, but when you see the videos of what the only one reader do on your website this change completely your mindset!

Recorded session videos


Here the screenshot of a captured video while I am watching it.

You can see in the upper part the video control and the position bar. You can control the video and see all the movement at different speed.



Observing in the video how the player moves around the page is quite clear for example that he passes the registration form without almost notice that it’s there.

It ‘obvious that in this case I will need to change something on the form and make it more interesting for the visitors if I want more subscriber.

So it’s pretty clear the power of this tool with only a single video, imagine what it can do for you when you’ll have thousands of recordings.
Inspectlet offer also a fantastic Heat map system for the eye tracking, click tracking and scrolltracking.



Click Tracking Heat map

Click tracking heatmap

And the scroll heatmap that show you where the reader navigate most on your website



How do I install Inspectlet?

Inspectlet is easy to install, it is easier to install as Google analytics.

Also, it is a software that provide enhanced performance, better than software like ClickTale and other in the same niche market as well.

You just need to copy the code they give you:


And paste it into the header of your website.
You can use the specific field of your Theme, if there is this option on the admin panel, or going in the editor panel.


Like that


Spying What do your users do, is undoubtedly an advantage not to be missed, try to imagine what may result in a landing page having this view?

How to increase your conversions?

Looking at the video is quite obvious which one is the most clicked area right now, and you can easely discover all the best areas in your website.

It is simple to understand that visitors go inside my about page clicking in the link in the sidebar.

This make quite simple to understand that adding a form in the sidebar at this level, or maybe the Social Buttons this will improve the subscription.

Also I have to make the form inside the about page more visibile and attractive.

But what it is obvious is that Inspectlet is a must.
The kind of software that everybody need, and noone know they must have.

But now you know!

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