Using Content Discovery Tools to get a Marketing Edge

Content is the most important aspect of any web page. When it comes to SEO there is an idiom that states ‘Content is King’ and in the majority of cases that is true.

Really engaging content can do wonders when it comes to driving user engagement and continuing the growth of your brand and its reputation.

What You Will Learn:

  • The importance of content discovery
  • Using content discovery tools to your advantage
  • The best tools to use

The Importance of Content Discovery

While it is important to prioritise the creation of your own content at all times, content discovery can go a long way to helping your blog target a wider audience.

Essentially content discovery is a method of determining what sort of content is currently popular with users, which in turn allows you to better plan your own content marketing plan.

Having great content is not always enough. Sometimes you need to present the content in a way that is palatable to the current audience, which is where the information gained from content discovery tools can be turned to your advantage.

Using Content Discovery Tools to Your Advantage

Content discovery tools can be used in a variety of ways. On the surface they simply provide you with an idea of what is popular right now in your particular niche, which in turn can provide ideas on how to adjust your own content accordingly.

While discovering great content is a great start when it comes to creating your own great content, smart bloggers will also turn the content they find to their own advantage. For example, you can position yourself as an expert in your field with a well-written article that is also very well-sourced.

Content discovery tools can help you find those sources and, in the best case scenario, may even create recognition of your own efforts from the creator of that content and their user base.

The 3 Best Tools to Use

There are a lot of content discovery tools on the market, each offering their own particular advantages. A few do stand out from the pack however and we will be taking a look at a few of them below.


buzz-big-boxBuzzBundle, which can be found at http://www.buzzbundle.com/, is perhaps the most popular tool on the market today and with good reason. When used correctly it can provide a lot of detail about popular topics that relate to your niche, allowing you to further inform your content creation strategy accordingly.

The software works by allowing the user to define what content they see based on a number of pre-select keywords. These keywords should relate to your own content as closely as possible. The software is customisable but will generally throw up results split into the following categories:

  • Forums and Blogs
  • Question and Answer Sites
  • Social Media

From here the user can select content that reaches an audience that they would be interested in tapping into, allowing them to engage with that audience in comment sections for blogs or similar. Users can also check out their direct competition and keep tracks on the successes that competition are having in the pre-selected keyword categories.

All of this makes the software one of the most versatile content discovery tools around. The rage of customisation options and the detailed results ensure there is plenty of information available to help with targeting any niche.


1200-supercharge-with-buzzsumoBuzzSumo is an excellent tool not only for finding content but also for determining how successful that content is and which websites are the most direct influences on the keyword searches that you use.

The BuzzSumo site can be found at http://buzzsumo.com/, with the site providing a free sample of the services it can provide. Users are able to choose a keyword and use it to find what content is doing well for that keyword. Furthermore the software provides direct links to the content and will provide information about social shares whenever it is available.

Content found will be ranked based on the amount of shares it has received, allowing users to see what format is best for the presentation of their own content. Furthermore the results can be filtered based on the time period in which the content was created and the type of content that is shown.

BuzzSumo is perhaps the easiest tool to use for content discovery and can be as complex as you want it to be. Users can simply use it to search for content relating to keywords or they can dig deeper by exporting data, creating alerts or generating analysis reports.


topsy com-Twitter Search, Monitoring, & Analytics   Topsy comTopsy dedicates its services to Twitter, which in turn makes it one of the most specific and most limited content discovery tools currently available. This is not the tool to use if you are trying to find a range of content from different sources, however it is excellent for those whose work primarily consists of using Twitter.

The software works in much the same way as BuzzSumo in that users simply enter a keyword to pull up results. In this case the results are tweets relating to the keyword, which can be filtered based on date ranges and the content of the tweet.

While the tool is not useful for those who wish to engage with an audience using a wide range of methods or those who need a complete view of the market across the web, it is perfect for those whose content marketing plans heavily revolve around the use of Twitter. The tool provides great information about what is currently popular in the Twittersphere and can provide a huge amount of data regarding what sorts of subjects are currently rending.


Content discovery is not simply a case of finding interesting content, though that is certainly a great use for the more casual blogger. A good tool will provide the user with a wealth of information relating to current trends and major players in their niche, which can then be used to ensure the user’s own content strategy achieves their marketing goals.

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