Tynt – How an Invisible Software Can Double Site Visits

Anybody who operates a blog knows that the biggest issue they face is getting people to read it.

This is especially the case for beginners and many people give up to early when they find that their blog isn’t getting the viewers that they had hoped for.

At times it can seem almost impossible to get exposure and to ensure your writing reaches as many eyes as possible.
This is why it is of paramount importance to know what tools are at your disposal and how they can be used before you start writing your blog.

What You Will Learn In This Article:

  • The importance of preparation when creating a blog.
  • What is Tynt and how does it work.
  • How you blog can benefit from Tynt.
  • How to register for and use Tynt.

Having the right tools in place early can ensure your blog gets exposure quicker and can draw more visitors to your website.
Having great content isn’t always enough. Sometimes you need to go that extra mile to make sure that people see that content and, most importantly, see where it originated from and come back for more.

This is where Tynt comes into play.

What is Tynt?

Put simply Tynt is a FREE software that allows blog owners to take advantage of the practice of copying and pasting from one blog to another.


One of the biggest issues blog owners face is finding that their content has been used somewhere else without giving credit to the original source.

Tynt aims to fix that in addition to ensuring your blog gets a backlink every time your content is copied.

So how does it work?

Simply put Tynt keeps track of the visitors who have come to you blog and decided to copy and paste a chunk of it.

Whether it’s just a small sample or an entire article, the software will ensure that a link to the blog is placed below the copied content when it is eventually pasted.


Why Does This Help?

Tynt is helpful to a developing blog for a number of reasons.

The primary reason is that it ensures the originator of the content receives the credit for what they have written.

If a person sees your content on another website they will assume it has been written by the owner of that website.

With Tynt they will know that the content has been written by you and they may come back to the source to see what else they can find.

Second Advantage

That’s where the second advantage comes into play.

Not only does the backlink help in regards to drawing people to your site from places that contain copied text, it also helps in regards to SEO.

Obtaining backlinks is an important part of improving the position of your blog in the rankings for search engines such as Google and Yahoo, however it can often be difficult to find a natural way of gaining links.


With Tynt you will be getting legitimate links from people who have found your content so useful that they want to copy and paste it onto their own site.

What Else Do I Get

Tynt doesn’t just add links to copied content, it also provides detailed reporting on what content has been copied, where it has been placed and how many links this has generated.

The tool can even add social media accounts to the backlinks in addition to tracking the traffic that arrives to your site through the links it creates.
The reporting is extensive and very important to getting the most out of Tynt.

Best of all, the software itself operates in the background, meaning that it will remain invisible to anybody who visits your website.

How Can I Install Tynt?

So we’ve established how helpful Tynt can be when it comes to drawing more eyes to your content so the only question now is how can you take advantage of the software for yourself?
Luckily setting up is as simple as pie. Simply follow this link to create a Tynt account.

Once you have signed up you will receive a piece of Javascript code that needs to be placed in a specific section of your blog.

The website will provide comprehensive instructions on how to do this for a range of blogging tools that includes Joomla, Blogger and WordPress.

Install Tynt on WordPress

Better yet, those who run their blog using WordPress can also take advantage of the Tynt WordPress Plugin to install the software ever more efficiently.

Here a list of WordPress plugins you can use to set up Tynt on your blog:





When you have done everything simply head back to the Tynt website and use their testing tool to see if everything is running correctly.

From there it is simply a case of entering the relevant settings data and letting the software run in the background.

Be sure to check the Tynt website on a regular basis to receive reports about the performance of the software.

More Tools

Do you want to find out about even more tools that can help your blog become the success that it deserves to be?

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1) Portent Title Generator

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5) BuzzBundle

Chrome Extension:

1) Evernote WebClipper – Evernote users should know it

2) LastPass – Keep all your password secure and login automatically to every website

3) Rapportive – View every deatils about your contacs in your Gmail account

4) Copy Fixer – Quite cool extension allows you to copy with Ctrl+C the Title and URL of a webpage all in one, perfect when blogging.

5) OneTab – This is the add on you need to save browser memeory when you are doing research online, save all your tab in one page.

Firefox Extension:

1) Nimbus – Screenshot and edit in real time, copy and paste your edited screenshot in seconds.

2) Firebug – Never without, edit CSS in reatime from your browser

3) Toolbar Autohide – When you are doing screen captures or screenshots this is a useful tool

4) Copy URLs Expert – Copy all the URL from all the tabs and more in one click

5) Again Evernote WebClipper – If you use Evernote you should have this


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The secret weapons



Tynt is useful to new and experienced bloggers alike for a number of reasons.

It works to provide your content with exposure from places that may not always give credit to the source they used to obtain the content and it is also extremely comprehensive when it comes to reporting.

Furthermore the software is invisible to the viewer and will not cause issues with the general operation of the blog.

All told it is the ideal tool for getting some much-needed exposure and is definitely worth a try.

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