The Strongest Woman At Affiliate Summit – Sugar Rae Style

What will you learn from this post?

One of the things that limits people’s success is often the fear of change losing themselves, and having to give up their beliefs.

If you can recognize this in yourself, then this is the post that will inspire you to be great. Because you can be great and successful being yourself.

Someone once told me that, “money does not change you, it only amplifies who you really are.” Although I find this thought a foundation of truth, I do not totally agree.

I prefer to think that money is a tool that can be used to change yourself, but you are the only one that can choose that path.

To prove this point I’ll tell you about Sugarrae, the strongest woman in the Affiliate Summit.

Affiliate Summit Lifestyle.

The Affiliate Summit was a great experience. It ‘s almost impossible to describe this experience in its entirety, even though I cannot definitely be considered a fan of New York.

Anyone who deals with Affiliate Marketing should at least once in their career attend this event, and should do it as soon as possible.

Here a Video that show you how my affiliate summit was:

During this Affiliate Summit I could attend several talks, but in particular it was suggested to me to attend one that struck me more than others (Thanks to Oscar that has pushed me to be there).

With my background as a SEO I chose to participate at the 11a.m. Monday conference: Surviving the SEO Evolution with Rae Hoffman (AKA Sugarrae).

Suaggarae ASE 14 Speak

The conference was very interesting. Rae talked about many topics, including a really interesting discussion on Google and whether it affects the ranking.

I’ve seen an article on the blog of Sugarrae that contains some interesting considerations:


However, in particular I was concerned by a thought that I hope to convey the right way:

“Google doesn’t want to make websites popular, they want to Rank popular websites.”

Yu can find this thought in the slides below:

Surviving the SEO Evolution from Affiliate Summit

But are we talking about SEO? No we are not.

Lifestyle with Sugarrae.

In this post I will give you a different point of view, which will help you build your Lifestyle with Genuine Bases, which can earn you a million dollars a month.

Living a life poor of values would be the biggest mistake you can make.

And if you think that success and money means having to live a superficial life, you’re wrong.

This conference has changed my point of view.

Affiliate summit east 2014

I was already aware of many things about the talk, and SEO has the duty to read and keep himself updated. But in Rae there is something that makes a difference, and I am not talking about SEO.

It can be said: “a woman with a pair of balls” in English? Ooops, does that sound a bit too strong?

Well, forgive an Italian who has not yet well mastered English 100%, so let me repeat it:
“A woman with balls.”

First, the thing that fascinated me was to find a woman who spoke with enthusiasm of SEO.

I confess, she is the first SEO woman I met, and especially the first one that knew about SEO better than any male I’ve met before.

But that’s not what struck me. The thing that struck me was her genius.

It could be that I am making a mistake, but she seemed like a genuine person who has strong values in life, and reading what she wrote and listening to what she said made it clear that my assessment is correct.

If I had to bet, I’m sure that she would not sacrifice her family for a higher income, and this deserves my respect.

I saw on the stage a woman who possessed an inner strength that made every speech exciting.

Although I must confess that I was expecting a boring speech that was pro Google as is usually the case, but for the first time I found myself strongly agreeing with the speaker the entire time.

What do I agree with the thought of Rae Hoffman? EVERYTHING!

But this post is not about the Affiliate Summit and SEO. This is something more personal. It is something that affects the value of people, or rather, the values of the people.

That’s why I put in the field “Rae Hoffman”, not because of her SEO skills, but for something you cannot hear directly from the words of the people.

It is something that can be seen by their actions, and how people truly are.

We are definitely talking about LifeStyle in this article, and know who we want to be is critical to build our future. When there are people with strong values it is easy to recognize them.

If you have a Genuine Lifestyle you recognize Genuine People.

I do not have a background in the American market and therefore, at this conference, I shook the hands of many people even if I did not even know who they were.

And I must admit that I did not know who Sugarrae was.

When I decided to move to Costa Rica, it was because I wanted to live a life that was worth living.

In Italy I had forgotten what it meant to live, and I had forgotten my sons and I had replaced these things with a new car, a new cell phone and some material things, and so many friends that they would have loved me until my last dollar.

So when the mirror told me that I was a different person from who I wanted to be, I chose to return to a simple lifestyle made of genuine things, and I decided to surround myself with genuine people.

Because of this change in my life I found myself at my first summit afraid to be back in a world that does not belong to me.

Living in a concrete box, even if only for 4 days has been terrible. I needed to go back to my pure beaches, nature and, the peace of my Costa Rican home.

I had a pretty heavy past (who has not had bad experiences in life?) Life has taught me so many things that have been written by fire on my mind.

One of these is that I don’t want a fake life.

I learned that I play an important role. To have graduated from college, become rich or otherwise, does not necessarily deserve my respect.

So before I shake hands sincerely with a person I pay attention to whom I have in front of me, to see if that person deserves it.

Because of my beliefs I shook hands with Rae, because in my opinion she deserves it.
With her talk Rae made me realize that it makes no sense to be frightened by success.

Here are my thoughts:

“Success reveals who you really are. Reveal your deep truth, then what you have to do is work on yourself and let the success to come.”

Not knowing whom I was in front of makes me lucky, because I could see people without their cash value.

When I saw Rae Hoffman I saw just that. A strong woman, who is dynamic and outspoken.

If you want more information about Rae here are a couple of links:

Rae Hoffman and Lifestyle:


Sugarrae Website:


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