I want to express my gratitude to John Chow. Thank you!

I was trying to work out what would be the best topic to start my new website with and it just so happened that there’s an event that I need to attend in New York City.

I forgot to mention that this is a new website I am planning to build in English language and it is a good timing that I will be in New York City for the Affiliate Summit.

I want to personally thank John for inviting me to attend Affiliate Summit in New York this year.

Without him it wouldn’t be possible!



If you are interested in how to start a successful blog and make money online, Affiliate Summit is one of the best ways to learn all about it from a range of experts.


This is the common mistake most people make when looking for ways to earn money online. They get themselves into so many things that they saw online whether they are real or not. Most advertisements you can see online will definitely trigger your interest and attention but how sure are you that they are legitimate and true?

There are so many deals online that will attract you however, they are useless as you don’t know how to execute them alone. Most of them promise help and support but what can you seriously expect after purchasing their products or services?

So, it all depends on what you know and what you can do without being too dependent on others.

With Lifestyle Ultimatum, you will understand each detail related to making money online. In addition to that, you will meet real people who will help and support you along the way. Furthermore, it is important for us to build relationships and not just earning profit.

So, we really aim to make a big difference to your lifestyle and be far better from other companies you can find online.

This is all about building relationships.

Getting a deeper look of what the World Wide Web can offer and what it is all about is essential as far as money making online is concern. This is the first and most important aspect to start with.

The best way is to understand this solely and how it exists. As of this day, you can find many things online that might fool you or give you false information that might lead you on the wrong track. And we all don’t want to travel in the wrong direction, worse than getting into a dead end right?

If you are on the right track, things are moving closely to what you are aiming to. In Lifestyle Ultimatum, we help you focus on things that you really need. We will not waste your time getting into so many things that you will find complicated and somehow will discourage you.

We make things easier for you to understand so that you can reach your goal in no time. Here, we make things interesting and encouraging so that you will be inspired to get into things all by yourself and with confidence.

We are different from other companies who are giving false promises or not getting you to obtain what you want to achieve. We value your ideas, concerns and objectives. We work together, we go hand in hand unto the path of success!

In the Affiliate Summit in New York, we are expecting to be part of important meetings and conferences that will tackle the beginnings of an online entrepreneur as well as dealing with how to achieve success and latest updates from Google.

They have a great platform that is meant for newbies, helping them learn how to start and build relationships as well as introducing them to the affiliation marketing industry.

And lastly in this kind of event, you will have the chance to meet well-known successful online entrepreneurs to discuss ideas with and learn their stories, plus how they manage their way up despite of difficulties and hindrances that they have faced along their journey.

This is one important event for newbies as well as people in this online industry to get to know more about different stories and experiences each of these successful entrepreneurs have to tell.

Sad to say that this event requires you a great amount of money to spend for the ticket, travel expenses and hotel accommodations as well, if you are not residing in New York. Nevertheless,

I believe that the experience would be worth it so let’s see what happens in the summit and definitely something that you will not also miss as I will share this with you all!

For now, all I can say is that we are all excited and happy with this upcoming event.

In fact, while on Skype with my team, Yeison expressed his enthusiasm by sending this video…

That definitely shows that we are all thankful and indeed feeling great about this news!

Now, we are organizing everything from plane tickets to hotel accommodations and all and then we will be ready to be in the Affiliate Summit in New York!

Cheers! Talk to you soon guys!


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