How to setup a professional WordPress Website in less than 1 minute

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One of the most annoying things when you start a blog is to learn how to set up a professional wordpress installation.

The problem was also for me,  so now I have decided to completely get rid of this problem in seconds with this new installation strategy i have created.

What I will give you in a matter of second will be a perfect cloned website from one of mine professional installation, with all the SEO settings, security settings, and a lot of amazing plugin installed already installed.

What you will learn today is:

  1. How to clone a complete installation
  2. Check for the basic settings after the professional website set up
  3. How to create a new User and Delete the cloned one to secure your website

Coming in the next video:

  • How to Install a Newsletter web form in wordpress
  • How to install and Opt-in form to download an ebook
  • How to change the WordPress Theme with a professional or free one
So, let’s see how simple it is to setup a great wordpress website in seconds.

Share and unlock the Clone URL to use it in the WP Clone Plugin as shown in the video:

[sociallocker id=”401″]

Copy this URL in WP CLONE:


 Once your Clone is Complete use this Username and Password to Login the first time:


Ultimatum User





What you will find already set up in this installation will be:

  1. All the SEO setup ready (excluded the subscription to Analytics and Webmaster tools etc..)
  2. A security plugin Ready and set up to secure your website against malicious intrusions
  3. A Backup System ready to be used if you desire to backup your website via Wp Clone or via the security Plugin
  4. A Free Plugin to Track your Keyword Ranking on Google
  5. A Basic Version of the Pretty link Plugin to cloak your affiliate links
  6. A set of basic pages to improve your conversion when people comment and subscribe to your blog
  7. A comment redirect Plugin already set up to work properly
  8. A contact form Page, ready to receive email from your blog, you only need to set up the email address
  9. An advanced wordpress Theme already installed and set up
  10. And a lot more amazing things every day added to this installation

Remember to check step by step every plugin to be sure that every set up is correct as explained in this article in order to make everything work properly.

Also remember to replace the Ads with your own.

Check the article after complete the video to verify the procedure and setup all the plugin properly. There are some minor setup that they aren’t in the video explained in the article. Also don’t forget to subscribe in order to receive all the necessary update to the settings.

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How I did it step by step:

In the last article, after the basic installation we have only add the wp clone plugin.

This plugin allow us to definitely clone an existing installation. I have created an advanced installation for you and you can find it for free, unlocking the box above sharing in one of your favorite social.

The first thing we will do is to copy the setup immediately with the Wp Clone plugin.

Share the box below the video to unhide the URL to use in the Wp Clone plugin.

This will display the url to use to run the plugin, and also the user name and password that you will need for the first log in to the cloned site.

Once unlocked the box you will see the URL to copy and paste in the wpclone field in this way.

Go to Wp Clone clicking in the sidebar on the WpClone menu.


Click on Restore from URL, Select I agree and paste the URL that you just unlocked in the box below.

When ready click the Restore From URL Button like this:

Run Wp Clone To Set up the wordpress installation
If you were reported an error, repeat the procedure a second time and it should work.

Now wait a few minutes and the site will be ready!

That’s it, you have completely cloned my installation with all the SEO settings and security, and pages and plugin ready.

Wordpress Installation Completed
Now we proceed to complete the setup properly with some adjustments.

The system tells us “you may need to re-save your permalink structure.” This is important.

But once you press the click here link, the system ask you for the new user and password.

Do not worry we will setup a new user later with our Username and Password, but for now you must use the Login Credential you found behind the Locked Box Under the Video.

Login to admin area wordpress

For now, copy and paste the user and the password you found below the locked box. Once done you will be logged in again

The permalink structure should be already correct, but if it is not like in the picture, set it up to post name and click on save changes!


Once done the system tell us that there is a huge SEO Issue that we must fix.

Before to fix the SEO issue if present we will set up some basic settings.

Now go under “Settings” and click on the “General” menu.

Here you must setup the right Blog Title, write down a good Tagline and set up the correct email you want to use with your blog.

Then verify that in the WordPress Adress and in the Site address there is the correct url, if not write in the right one, with or without the www in front, this is up to you. I prefer always to use the www in front if it is not a second level domain.


Leave the other settings as they are and hit Save.

Now we need to fix the Huge SEO Issue if present. In order to do this go under the “Reading” panel and uncheck the box “Discourage search engine” this will resolve the problem.

Resolve the SEO Issue unckeking

Change the User to secure your website

And Now to complete the setup we need to change the User with a brand new one. If not, every person that download this setup know your password, and this will not be so secure 😀

In order to change the user we need to create a new user, log out from this user and login with the new one, so we can delete the old one.

To do this follow this procedure

Create a new user in wordpress

When you are in the new user form compile all the field.

Choose a Username that fit your needs and that it is easy to remember and good to read for the readers, because when you write articles for the blog, the readers will see your username as the author.


When the user is created Log out from the current session clicking on the upper right corner and select Log out like in the figure below:

Log out from wordpress

Once you log out you need to login in again with the new user credential just created

Log in with the new user


Once you are logged in again you need to go under Users menu again to delete the old user

Click under the user on the Delete Link to delete it

IMPORTANT: when prompted, don’t delete the contents, remember to assign the contents to the new user created as seen in the figure below


Attribute all the content to the new user like this:

Attribute the content to the new user

Some important Setup

The system is already setup with a lot of plugin.

Some of those plugin you shall learn how they work, but some of them needs a basic setup like the contact form plugin that allow you to receive email from the contact page.

Edit contact form

When you are inside the contact form editor, scroll down and insert your email, where you want that the messaged from the websites arrive.


Also you can go and setup all the SEO account needed to connect your blog with Google and Bing.

To do this go under the SEO Menu and click on Dashboard.

select one by one the links in the right and for each link setup the various accounts.

Use the empty field to verify each account.

Setup the Seo by Yoast Plugin

You also need to check and personalize the various pages, each one of those pages are created to fit the comment redirect plugin, the Contact menu you have in the website, and also the thank you page when someone subscribe to your webform.

Customize pages in wordpress

Also there is in the plugin list a plugin named Google Analyticator that allow you to verify the Analytics account to track your daily traffic.

To do this you can login in google with your gmail account and then create a new account in Analytics.

Once the account is ready you can activate the analyticator plugin and authenticate it in Analytics, the procedure is simple and automatic, just follow the instructions.

Also in the plugin list installed there is a lot of great plugin that you can activate and use.

One I give you already activated and already setup in example is the comment redirect that allow the readers once they comment a post to be redirect to a special page I have already setup for you.

You just need maybe to personalize the page under pages and look at the Thank you for your comment page, to put inside the information you desire.

I have already setup a security plugin that to protect your website against unwanted intrusion.

If you want clicking under the security plugin you can add more features like a scheduled backup and check again if everything is ok.

The plugin will be already configured as best, so don’t be scared if it give you more warning. You can decide if you want to set up more features and fix eventually more issue, but it is not needed in order to have a well protected website.



Remember to remove all the Ads already present on the blog, they are example Ads connected to a test account, you must replace them with your AdSense account Ads.

remove-adsremove-adsRemove Ads and replace them with the new oneremove-ads-1

To remove the example Ads go under Appearence –> Widget and click on the Text Widget.

Clicking you can open it and see how the Ads are set. Then to remove you can delete the code, or move the widget out of the sidebar like in the figure.

Remove Ads and replace them with the new oneremove-ads

After check all this settings you need to change your themes, and we will see this in the next video, and also setup the newsletter opt-in and the webform to download an ebook.


During the cloning and the installation something can go wrong, so I decided to put some troubleshooting information here in order to help.

I will update all this information thank you to your comments so please remember to leave your ideas!

Wp Clone give an error

This sometime happen, but no worries. In order to resolve the issue you just need to select wp clone again and repeat the procedure.



Perfect, the next step as promise is to see how to setup a webform on the sidebar to subscribe the user to your newsletter.

The first things we need to do is to setup an aweber account, so don’t forget to subscribe and then proceed to the next article to setup your webform and complete your professional website setup!


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