How To Start Making Money Online In The Next 30 Minutes

When there is the need to make money, a common idea is that internet is the right place to start. This is true and I will show you how to do it now.

So if your question is – how to make money now? Here’s the solution.

What you will learn in this post:

  • How to make money now writing articles
  • How to gather information fast to improve your writing
  • Tips and tricks to be more effective in your writing
  • How to improve your success as writer

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My first article earnings

And finally $2.44 dollars earned in less than 20 minutes of work. Not bad for a newbie with a brand new account.

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How to start making money now writing on-line for “ready to buy” clients

Internet is home to endless possibilities and new opportunities because it is a revolutionary form of technology.

For example more than 634 million websites existed worldwide in 2012 but the total number of websites worldwide has increased dramatically since then.

These websites require some kind of web content to keep online visitors entertained or informed.

This is a real opportunity for those who want to make money fast. And you can do it easily because you don’t need to search for clients anymore thanks to iWriter

Join the best team of professional writers who write web content for many of these websites at a good price. iWriter is a premier content writing website that offers value to its clients and a good income to its writers.

It can help you earn money from the comfort of your home without any hassle or unnecessary requirements.

Here is some more information on what iWriter can do for you.

Income possibilities

More than 2.5 billion people use the internet on a regular basis and some of these people use it to earn income through online jobs such as content writing.

Unfortunately the money they receive as a reward for their efforts is meagre and as such, it is hardly enough for their daily sustenance.

iWriter offers you a stable income, you can now earn a living through an online good that pays well.

For instance you can earn as much as $15 for a single article, which means that you can earn as much as $45 in a single day if you write three articles worth $15 each.

These are just some of the income possibilities for iWriters.

Move to iWriter today so that you can receive a proper reward for your hard work and persistence.

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The three different levels of earnings

iWriter does not keep you at one level for years to come but rather it has three distinct levels of writing that allow you to earn higher incomes as you move from one level to another.

Being a standard writer is the first level. At this level you can write article for as much as $2.03 for a 400-word article, which means that writing ten articles in a day can earn you as much as $10.

Remember you can write as much as than ten articles a day and there are other articles worth as much as $6.89 and more at this level.

The premium level is the second level in iWriter. You can earn as much as $4.05 for a 400-word article at the level. To put it differently writing ten 400-word articles a day can earn you as much as $40 in a single day.

Other articles also exist at premium level that can make you earn as much as $8.91 per article or even more.

The elite level is the highest level attainable on iWriter. Here you can earn as much as $6.89 for a 400-word article but clients are normally generous at this level so you can earn even more than this amount for the same number of words.

Other articles for a different word count can earn you $8.91 per article or as much as $16 per article.

How many stars rating do you need to grow in level? If you want to learn it and achieve these levels unlock the box below.

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So let’s see how to achieve higher iWriter levels!

Now it’s time to understand that achieve higher levels stars rating is simple. You need to communicate with client in the right way and improve your writing with these simple tricks.

Premium writer: To become a premium writer thirty clients (30 separate clients) have to accept your work and rate you at an average rate of 4.0 out of 5 for you to become a premium writer.

Elite writer: Thirty clients should rate your work at an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 for you to attain this coveted level on iWriter.

So as you can understand if you want to become an ELITE writer you just need a good week of stable and solid work and earn 30 good vote.

So now the choice is up to you, better to be a good writer that writes 5 great articles, or a standard writer that write 10 articles per day?
Let me explain you how you can do both, then the mix between those tools and your skills will drive you to the right place.

First of all let’s see how we can improve our writing speed

There are several things to learn when you write for someone. As an italian, so not a native english, for me to write in English is really hard and time consuming.

I have had to learn few methods to improve my skills, and some software that helps me with grammar.

All these best practice I will give you now, they will for sure improve your writing at different levels.

To decide which quality level you want to reach is up to you:

Where to learn grammar and slang. Especially if you don’t know the difference between UK and US English:
Maybe you are great in grammar so you can jump straight this first bullet point, but maybe you need to check this out:

Text editor that don’t add hidden code. You need to copy your text on one of those before to copy and paste it back to iWriter, so you are safe that you don’t add hidden code to your submitted article.

Windows: Editpad Lite
Mac: TextWrangler

Software that helps you with corrections. You need to check out all these software:


Desktop proofreading software:

I have tested thousands of these software and I am not giving a random advice. You must check by yourself but although they may appear cheaper and “older” software, read carefully because they are the one that do a good work.

Mac users: Grammarian
Windows users: Editor
Windows users: StyleWriter

How to find information about a topics fast?

The best way to search about a topic fast is of course to use Google.

To improve your searches you must learn some Google commands to include and exclude some searches from your results.

If you want Google to find a specific phrase that has words in a specific order, than you want to use quotation marks.

If you search a sentence like “Tomato sauce” Google will give you all the results with this precise sentences in.

You can use Google’s define syntax to find out what a word means is. Simply type in the word:
Define: thewordstodefine

Then check out also the allinurl: command and allintitle: command, they allow you to find words inside a URL or only in the title of a webpage:
This will give you back all results with the word story in the title. If you put a sentence in quotation mark and mix the command.

Also you must search on social network, forums, and Q&A sites.

If you want to make all this tasks fast you can check out this software that helps you gather information from all these sources at once. BuzzBundle

With this software also in the FREE version you can search the entire web for keywords and it will give you back results from Social Network, Q&A, Forums, Websites etc…

It is easy to use and helps a lot especially when you are researching for brands and products writing reviews.

Automatic contents generation:

Now let’s move to the spinner software. If you don’t know what spinning of contents is let’s read this article:
Bad and good of Spinning Articles

If you want to understand how an article spinner software works, you can try by yourself in this free article spinner.

Anyway, this is not what I meant for spinning articles, this wikipedia article is a little outdated, now spinner are more developed, and you can improve quality by simple tricks. Also will not use spinning articles as final articles but as a base on which build our brand new article.

iWriter and their subscriber will never accept a spun article like this obviously. But if you use the spinner to gives you a new copy of the article to take as base to re-write, this can improve your writing speed.

Check all this software and you will better understand what I mean:

TheBestSpinner Article Builder

I don’t advice to buy Article Builder, because I don’t really consider it a real solution to improve your writing, although I know people that use it as a base to find argument fast.

Tips and tricks

Obviously it is not so simple to come out with 10 new articles each day. But we can make it very easy if you follow those simple method.

You can search for an articles directory like EzineArticles.com or search on Google for one you like.

Search for the keywords in the directory and find out a good text you can use as base.

Put this text in a spinner and then rewrite the most important sentences, resume some parts giving them a personal touch.

Add some new parts coming from your research and try to make the article a great article.

Rewrite and correct the errors invert parts add bullets and some info you gather around and you will make a great article in minutes.

Run it through a proofreading software (or the word Grammar Checker) and you are ready to go!

Try it for your self and see the results.

If you want to be sure that all your software pass Copyscape you can create an account and test them, or if you know how to do it create a page on your website closed to the search engine and publish the content just the time to run it through Copyscape and then remove it.

Don’t forget to insert the Keyword in the article as requested.

There is a learning curve on how to use all this software, but once you are ready you will be able to write ten great article per day, and earn lot money.

How to communicate with clients

iWriter allows you to contact clients via direct messages if you have any queries or additional information.

Keep these messages short and precise so that clients can read them without getting bored.

Be courteous and professional when communicating with them. Respond quickly to their messages so that they do not request another writer to do the job that you should be doing.

Finally yet importantly make clients aware of your availability so that they can know when to ask you to write for them or how long they should wait for you to finish the work already given.

These are the important communication points that you should practice if you want to retain your current clients.

Remember you earn a higher amount of cash when clients request a certain article from you. Keep earning higher sums by retaining the clients you already have and seek new ones to earn more.

It is also important for you to note that re-writes are possible on iWriter. In simple terms clients can ask you to redo certain aspects of the article you already wrote before they accept it.

So inform via PM the client that if he don’t like the content you will be happy to assist and rewrite it.

This re-writing feature on iWriter allows you to make corrections just work in case the client feels that you could make some improvements to the article in some way or the other.


Software for online research:


Spinner and rewriters:

TheBestSpinner Article Builder

Desktop proofreading software:

Mac users: Grammarian
Windows users: Editor
Windows users: StyleWriter

All the Google command explained:
Google operators: http://www.googleguide.com/advanced_operators_reference.html

CopyScape: http://www.copyscape.com/


Articles directory:



How to improve your success:

If you have unlocked the box above you have learnt how many clients you need to give you a good star ratings to make you increase your level.
You have also learned how to write an article in minutes thanks to the free resources and the tricks I have given you.

And also you have learned how to communicate with client to make them be more confident and to obtain more request, where you earn more money.

So let’s see how much money you can make for each level writing 10 400 words articles a day with the method I teach you under the box?

Standard Level: $10 a day and more
Premium Level: $40 a day and more
Elite Level: $100 a day and more

Can you earn more than this, YES! This is the basic earnings if you are getting the basic work, but usually you can earn more than this for each article even in the low levels.

Now what you miss is to Apply and start your new work.

How to Apply

Registration on iWriter takes about five minutes and then you can start making as much money as you want immediately. You just have to fill certain details on an online form when signing up for iWriter.


Register >
Check iWriter Now

Registration on iWriter takes about five minutes and then you can start make money immediately

These details include your name, username and your email address. Then you should fill in other details such as your legal name, business name, country of residence, address and your zip code.

Adding your PayPal email is also important because it is to this PayPal email that iWriter will send your payments through this Paypal Email.

You can choose when to receive the payments i.e. you can choose to receive them weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Payments to your PayPal address are a sure thing when it comes to iWriter.

Signing up for iWriter comes with many possibilities.

For example you can choose which topic you want to write on, you can write as many articles as you want on any given day and you can work at your own pace.

More importantly you can move from one level on iWriter to a higher level on iWriter depending on the quality of work you submit to clients and the number of articles you have written.

You will not find such possibilities anywhere else. Sign up for iWriter today to enjoy these benefits and more.

Time to make a decision

If you want to earn now, it is time for you to make a move to the most reliable and rewarding writing service in the world.

iWriter now has a satisfied base of professional writers and you could be one of them.

There are many clients waiting for you to write their articles.

Sign up for iWriter today, write these articles and receive a favorable reward for your hard work.

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  1. Prashanth K October 2, 2014 at 3:29 pm

    Agreed that iWriter is good for authors. There is really less entry barrier to get started.
    You get to earning your first dollar, which feels good and increases your confidence. But, very quickly you will find that there are more avenues to earn even more money.

    In fact, I had recommended iWriter for outsourcing services rather than writing for others. At some point in time I also found out that the license terms are not reseller friendly. So, you have to be careful out there 🙂