Lifestyle Report September 2014

This month has been quite an intense month, because literally I’ve started working on making the blog grow.

One of the main problems I am really facing is that my Mac is going to leave me probably.

After the Maverick Update, I am so sorry to say it, but a $600 dollars PC works faster and in a more stable way, especially, so I am really pissed off with Apple, because they killed the Mail App definitively.

problem-meme-1Anyway, I’ll stop complaining about my computer, and let’s face what September gave me.

First of all, the most amazing thing about September has been the Matthew Woodward Training. Yep, I have worked sitting on a chair on Matthew’s side for…. Long and he whipped me for hours.

But this month I was not the only one complaining it seems.

The most hilarious sentences I have received this month:

The pole position go to Matthew with: “My Grandmother Set up an account faster than you did… just saying :D”.

granny-helpYep I was setting up an account on a forum I suppose, but my Mac was thinking about something else in that moment. Hey Apple?! What are you doing?

Also my bad, I was waiting for a confirmation email that was not supposed to come.

Anyway it was so funny how he did it that I have laughed about it for the entire week. I am also laughing now that I am writing it!

Every time I was setting up an account somewhere I have done it in a rush, thinking to his words.

Have you ever tried to sit beside someone that is way better than you ? It makes you feel uncomfortable, trust me, you don’t feel as smart as you think you are anymore, but… it was a great month!

The second place goes to Robert Neu!

Probably I pissed him off too much because after my tweet he answered like that:


So funny, I was wondering who was going to be the first to piss me off on my marketing activities on twitter and Voilà! I found the Winner!

But I know what it means to start from the bottom, and so if you want to climb the tower, I am sorry, you must piss off someone.

What have I done this month?

Well, I have been preparing myself for the next fight and I build a gun.

Well, honestly my chief wants a gun (my son) so we built a gun. Being a father is hard work. Maybe you didn’t notice it immediately, but it is a working Lego gun, a reproduction of a Desert Eagle and it shoots Legos.


And after the gun as a good lazy father I suggested to build also a “domino machine” but I will show it next month.

lego-digital-designer-gun-project-instructions_600For the fathers that follow me, you can download the projects here. (Yes I also made the project in Lego digital Designer. To build a firing gun by lego need some projects… also, I am sorry, have you ever been a 38 y old kid? )

Did this idea inspire you? And you want to spend more time with your children and you don’t know how to achieve this kind of life? Start from this post: How to start a blog in less then five minutes.


And finally let’s go back to work.

I wrote my How to start making money online in next 30 minutes and I have done it because I am thinking of all the people that need a solution now.

Not only young people, but fathers and mothers who need to increase their monthly income fast.
So, this is for you guys, hopefully it can help you now!

Also I faced some minor problem running a PBN network experiment with other SEO, because half of the Network has been hit by Google, so it cost me some time to investigate and learn what happened and fix it.

Did PBN network still work? Yes, it still effective, now more than ever, so for those who are interested in a new passive income, write me and I will give you more information, maybe in the future I will write something about this experiment too.

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But for now let’s focus on LifestyleUltimatum.

Visits and income:

How many visits this month?


I hit the 260 visits in one day, and I am still running on an average of 40 visits per day.

It is still growing but I want to do better in the next months and I have some good ideas on how to do it.

I want to improve my strategy for October. Luckily I also have clients and my Italian blog that it is going really good and needs time, so it is not so easy to do everything in time.

Affiliates click are really good, my How to choose the best hosting Case Study is giving good results and  few sharing, also it has been on the first page of inbound.org for many days, reaching 48 votes and quite few comments.


This gives to me good visits and affiliate clicks and in the next paragraph let’s see if it gives me also some selling.

Here the clicks I get on the links:


And here the clicks on the offers:


I am really satisfied of the results so now it is time to see the numbers.

September 2014 Income Report from Lifestyle Ultimatum

Affiliation is still working and clicks are coming. Also I have got an iWriter affiliate subscribed through my links so I am glad to see that my tutorial already helped someone.

Also it seems to help me, because I made 2 dollars with it, hehe.

But as for the rest, LifestyleUltimatum is growing everywhere.

Here are the results of my affiliation:

Affiliate Earnings
Just Host $60
Siteground $50
Total $110

Like you can see by yourself it made $110 dollars this month. Seems not a lot, but it is the double of the previous month.

I consider it a good unexpected result. And so now I want to double it again by the end of October.

The articles that made it possible are: the How to start a blog in less than 5 minutes and my Hosting Challenge that helped lots of people.

The hosting challenge also received some thank you on twitter, so I am really proud for the work!

Have I done other amazing things this month?

Well, not really. It is rain season here so every day it is raining in the afternoon. It often drives me to my hammock or bed to stare at the rain while resting. And also I spend most of the time working for clients and the blog, so it is my working season, and I enjoy work with this fresh temperature in the evening.


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  1. Yeison Kim October 6, 2014 at 1:49 am

    Ciao Andrea !

    So it is true about the New Apple software update humm :/ Samantha and I thinking about buying a Macbook Air but after reading you bad experience, I think we will go and get a lenovo.

    You article about starting a blog is VERY GOOD I love the effects you use and the information is very clear.

    For those that are reading this comment let me tell you that Andrea was our very first mentor and he thought us basic solid concepts that help us to build our carrers and be where we are.

    We will always be thankful with him.

    Wish you the best this month and we want to see those numbers going up !

    Pura Vida Mae !


    • Andrea October 6, 2014 at 11:56 pm

      Hahahaha, thx for the great comment! Much appreciated. Hope everything is going well around the world.

      And sadly yes, Apple seems not to be more the one as two years ago. However the new products maybe are worth a try.

      Enjoy your blogging-vacation!