Lifestyle Report of July 2014

Learning to fly with a successful blog

We have almost reached the end of July, and many interesting things have happened.

I created the first video tutorial in English, done with so much effort and the result has been very good in my opinion.

Unfortunately I will have to try to improve my English, but I hope that by the time it is quite understandable, and it is certainly a very interesting topic, because it is not just about website analytics, but literally to spy on your visitors with an amazing software.

But it was an interesting article, enough to deserve a link on The Best of Internet Marketing July 2014 Matthew Woodward, that give me a peak of 116 visits in one day, and for a brand new project like it is Lifestyle ultimatum, what can I say, except that,Thank you Matthew!

Google analytics screenshot best of internet marketing july

Then I read many interesting articles this month, particularly, have been very inspired by http://www.copyblogger.com/mind-control-marketing/ and I got to chat with Matthew about what is the real valuable recipe for creating a great blog and thus was born an article that explains how to start a successful blog.

What I love of this article is that it is not oriented to all that are technical skills, but really the only thing that you should know to start a successful blog.

Ever since we came to live in Costa Rica also never misses the sea and fishing, but in addition to the wonderful days at the beach this time I wanted to lift my butt out of the hammock and then I took the family to do Canopy (Zip Line) and I must say it was really wonderful.

zip-lineDo canopy lights up the adrenaline and also awakens the mind. To make a successful blog needs creativity, and to be creative, to stop working is the best recipe.

I have to say that among all the activities this month, the most exciting was definitely be suspended on a steel wire.

Thanks to Donald, the Photo guy, First of all because he has pledged a great deal for me to have a beautiful collection of photos.

If you go to the Congo Trail Canopy here in Costa Rica ask for Donald, he knows well how to take care of your photos, and for the work he does I assure you that the price is great.

canopy-congo-trail-teamAlso, of course I have to thank the guys in the Congo Trail that really made us having a great fun, so much fun that I had to also try the extreme experience of doing Superman!

And I guarantee you that jump into the empty air without hanging anywhere, is a pretty intense feeling.

But I survived!

We had a great time, the whole family, children were excited, especially my son Enrico, that although he is only eight years, has launched himself into the void every time with the courage of Indian Jones!

And while I Canopy how did it goes?

Well, I got back from Canopy and I’ve got $ 120 of earnings out of Just Host, plus 5 entries for Inspectlet, then I must say, it was worth it.

Now I am working to bring a new online tutorial on how to start a professional blog in 5 minutes, and when I say professional, I mean really professional, and when I say in 5 Minutes I mean 5 minutes!

The trick is all in literally copy my entire website structure.

I’m going to give a method to completely copy my blog, settings and plugins included in less than a minute.

The only thing you need to do is to choose your favorite theme and topics at the end.

Did it sound interesting?

So what are you waiting for?



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