Lifestyle Report October 2014

October has been a terrible month! I have had people all around my house working.

I have setup a new wall in my office. My neighbor behind was renewing his external patio and my side neighbor has completely changed the floor, roof and furniture, so you can imagine how noisy a month it has been.

And my bad, this month I haven’t really worked so well. I was supposed to focus my time on growing the blog but I have dedicated most of it to clients and issues.

I have however spent a lot time testing different tracking methods on Lifestyleultimatum and I am quite satisfied with the results.

Also subscribers are growing, so welcome guys I appreciate that you like my work.

I have setup Goals and new Events for form submissions and outbound links.

The main idea is to track where my subscribers come from and in which forms they will subscribe, so when working on it with Tag Manger I decided to use the new 2015 interface.

Sadly I found that on the web there is not much information on the new Tag Manager interface so I decided to write a tutorial myself!

The tutorial included information on how to use Google Analytics Goals and Google Tag Manager.

For those of you that enjoyed the “How to track events in Google Analytics” – where I taught you how to setup events to track affiliate links via a simple Javascript code, this will be an amazing tutorial.

It doesn’t end there, because I want to write a new advanced tutorial on how to use the Tag Manager like a pro!

Are you interested to know when this tutorial will be published?

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I have also tried to entirely automate the process with only one Tag for all the web forms, but this doesn’t allow me to identify the search form and the comment form properly so hopefully I will soon work around this too.

Earlier in October I also wrote a good Plugin list, very useful for some readers that were asking me about it, and then a guest post.

It seems that life is now back to normal, so let’s see what happens this November.

What to expect for November? I am dealing with some new things on LifestyleUltimatum. It is time to shake things up and give a new strength to my content and marketing strategy.

Stay in touch if you want to contribute to something new and amazing.

Although I haven’t been a diligent blogger this month, my income has increased.

Linking October!

As it happens October has also brought good things. First of all I have had links from 3 different websites.

I have released some interviews on Myblogu.com and here the results.

I will thank:

1. http://www.copythrive.com/sunday-internet-marketing-link-roundup-monday/

2. http://www.profcopy.com/blog/what-is-a-quality-back-link/

3. http://blog.patantconsult.com/crazy-awesome-marketing-the-big-idea-behind-our-entrepreneur-blogs/

for keeping my words in consideration. Thanks guys!

Has October been a good Month?

Well, it has been a quite a strange and complicated month!

October has flown so fast and there were a lot of issues to fix!

Many people were complaining about Penguin 3.0 – also many networks got hit, but fortunately my clients had some increase in visits.

I have been working on a client website for 4 months so far.

Cleaning link profile, pages and working on internal linking has increased visits from 1000 per month to 3141 per month all in a Penguin friendly way, so I must consider it a good result.

Here the Google Analytics screenshot:

We are also in the middle of the raining season here, so I really miss going diving like we did in the first days of October.

This sexy human touching the bottom at 6mt is me!

I know, most professional divers using apnea go down much more than 6mt but I am a beginner, let me enjoy my goals.

And now let’s see some numbers.

How has LifestyleUltimatum done on visits this month? Bad, really bad, I haven’t even hit 1000 visits. Bad Andrea!

I have tried to set up a different kind of marketing scheme in order to adapt to the needs of this terrible month but it has not worked very well it seems.

Thankfully it has not been so bad in affiliate clicks and sales.

This is the lowest visit count I’ve had since the project’s start but also interestingly, the most productive one.

october visits overview

Affiliate clicks are still going good.

Here an overview of the affiliate clicks shows they are quite a bit more interesting than last month.

affiliate clicks overview

Here is the list of clicks from my offer box:

offerbox clicks overview

And here clicks from normal links:

normal links overview

Most Popular Content

The wordpress plugin list has been so popular this month, I am happy to see that people loved it.

I have spent a lot of time to create something different, and it’s great to see that it has been beneficial.

most popular blog pages overview

The “how to make money now” post is giving me good results too.

The main idea when I wrote it was to create something for people who want to get some money fast.

It’s also meant to help people with less knowledge in online business to have a good start and perhaps create a stable income.

And then again, the result of the “How to choose the best hosting” post has been really satisfactory.

Google Traffic.

Google finally seems to gives me more attention.

Google traffic overview

In the last week traffic from Google has increased but my search queries are still showing a lot of (not provided) keywords.

How Much Money This Month?

I think that this is the real deal of a blog like this one and I am happy to say that it is steadily growing.

Affiliate Earnings
GetResponse $15,04
Bluehost $130
Siteground $100
Themeforest $37
BuzzBundle $78,6
iWriter $13,12
Pretty LinkPro $11,1
Total $384,86

I am really happy with the results, it is an income growth of 349%. If I continue to get a stable growing like this in the coming months I will be very happy.

However I should mention that BuzzBundle is not a real sale from the blog, it’s a sale from a person that asked me a question about it and clicked my affiliate link.

November’s Plan.

I broke my car! So I need to buy a new car or fix this one. I am thinking about it. So in November I want to manage LifestyleUltimatum as best I can to see if it can bring me a new car by itself!

After this I will write an article on how to buy a new car with a blog 😀

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