Lifestyle Report March 2015

In the January Income Report, thanks to using Inspectlet, I understood that 50% of readers left the blog after visiting the Analytics Report but if I put the earnings before the visits they remained on the page.

Lifestyle Ultimatum’s goal is to make money working as little as possible, so I tried focusing on conversion and I must say that it seems to be the right direction.

In a while I will show you the income report, but first let’s talk about Lifestyle.

Making Money While Sleeping Isn’t Enough, So I’ve Been On Vacation With Friends.

Isn’t making money online while you sleep the best thing?

Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’m not working to improve my website.

My main focus is clients but when I put my effort in LifestyleUltimatum I give my best to make it convert.

Good quality content is the way to go, but also knowing how your audience acts on your page makes all the difference.

Before revealing to you how I almost doubled my income from last month, I want you to understand that I was also on vacation for a while.

So on March 1st, a friend came on holiday to visit me for 18 days and I spent the whole time with him and our families.

He is passionate about trekking, so I took him on a 3km walk to a Volcano…

And then we walked again to get to the Rio Celeste, (which means Blue River) and you can easily see where it got its name from this picture.

By the time I reached the bottom, I needed to get an energy drink to bring me back to life because I was dead!

And then we walked again and again, for so many days that I needed a vacation after the vacation.

I am not famous for walking and neither for being a slim guy, lol! So I decided to stop by something that better suited my needs to maintain my “Beer Man attitude” and finally I got my Ice cream at the park.

And some great sunsets just like we are used to here in Costa Rica;

I just took the time to write a couple of articles, do some research on how people were navigating the website and change a couple of affiliate links, nothing more.

But those small changes have driven me to a new commission goal.

So from $386,61 in February, this month I got to:


Affiliate program Earnings
Inspectlet 37,18
GetResponse 173,34
Siteground 200
Just Host 60
BlueHost 100
ThemeForest 29,10
Elegant Themes 19,5
Total 619,12

How To Make Your Blog Income Grow

Well, the experiment was easy.

From the January income report, I was able to understand the behavior of my readers from heat maps and navigational videos.

I figured out that the audience was leaving the page after looking at visits, so I decided to put the income report before the Analytics charts.

This small change helped me double the affiliate clicks and improved my income.

This month I put my photos and what I have done this month in front of the income report, so next month we will see if this decreases my earnings or not.

If you want to find out how that and any other changes I make affect my earnings, don’t forget to subscribe.

I also put in a couple more links to my “How To Setup A WordPress Website” article and this is still making good money, earning $200 from Siteground this month.

Someone told me in past that each article is an asset (Thanks Matt) and this is true.

Good articles are worth money.

You should put them to work, spreading them like your life depends on it. If you are trying to create a long term income then that is how to do it.

My Siteground Vs WpEngine  article is a good example.

Siteground is still the best hosting for the range of options it gives.

Traffic Report

This month I haven’t worked at all. For this reason visits have dropped.

I almost stopped working on community, forums and social networks because I was having fun.

And I am lazy and proud to be, let’s say it loud and clear.

So now my most viewed pages are:

  1. Google Analytics Account setup page
  2. How to start a blog
  3. Lifestyle Reports
  4. Make money now article


Having your affiliate links in the top of your article is fundamental to improve your earnings, or you should at least analyze what your own audience is doing on your pages.

You should always check your analytics and heat maps, they are fundamental. If you think about it, this small change could take my blog from $3800 to $7000 a year.

The Siteground Vs WpEngine article performs great and also my “How To Setup A Blog” article is a great piece of content that really deserves what it is earning.

What I’ve discovered is that sharing is caring, and once I stop promoting the blog it will slowly lose all the traffic.

So don’t forget to keep updated because you’re going to love knowing how I take this blog from $700 per month to $2000 per month when it happens.


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