Lifestyle Report January 2015

Costa Rica is the best place to remember who you really are when you need it.

When you need peace, you can climb a cliff and watch the world from a silent point of view with no one around and look at everything from a different perspective.


Costarica Sea View

And I have done it.

I have been working with The Secret Weapon, a GTD based organization method in the last year.

It is a great system, but I have the feeling that it also creates some unexpected problems.

Never Heard About The Secret Weapon?

You should check it out and study it, because it is based on GTD (Getting Things Done) and it is a great way to organize yourself.

However, I discovered that it is not enough to really get things organized, it misses some important information which you can achieve with a better system, so subscribe immediately to my Newsletter and I will send my article about it straight to your inbox when it’s ready.

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This month has been tough and stressful, also because I was feeling low and doing a lot of complaining.

I had no time to work on LifestyleUltimatum, even less than in December where I didn’t really do anything.

In December I was commissioned more than $ 12,000 in jobs, with Italian business and clients, so I had to work hard for my other business instead.

How Was LifestyleUltimatum This January?

First of all, I have been looking at my Inspectlet account, because with growing visits I got less money so I of course wondered why.

After a lot of data collected, Inspectlet immediately gives me a first overview on many possible issues.

Looking at the readers movement videos inside the blog there are many interesting things happening. You would have to see Inspectlet to understand what I mean.

From the scrolling heat map I have also seen something very interesting in the Income Report Articles.

You can see it for yourself here:


Less than 50% of readers don’t see the earning table on the bottom, but they stop visiting.

So before I give you the visits overview in this report, let’s see the numbers!

I didn’t reach $700 like in November sadly, but I will show you why in just a moment.


Affiliate program Earnings
GetResponse 27,38
Siteground 100
StudioPress 29,73
Total 157,11


You may be asking why in November I managed to make $700 with less traffic and in January I have done only $157 with traffic growing?

Crunching the numbers I have something interesting to show you.

Let’s See Some Statistics:

Daily visits are still growing.

I am getting links from other sources and I must say thank you to Mikael that mentioned me in his Income Report Inspiration this month: http://www.cubicledropout.com/internet-marketing/inspiration-99-blogs-and-starups-with-rocking-income-reports.

Audience Overview

I also had a spike in visits coming from Google, but…

Channels And Referrals Analytics

With these spam keywords:

– google officially -recommends ilovevitaly.com search shell

– resellerclub scam

Are reseller club a scam? What is this?


I am not using these keywords and these topics in my blog…

Visites Peak

I don’t have those keywords in my blog, but for a couple of days Google thought I could be an answer to this spam traffic.
If you want more info about it visit:


However, the purpose of LifestyleUltimatum is not to work around SPAM so I’m not going to delve into that here.

My top five visited pages have changed a lot, so fewer topics where affiliate links are present clearly represent the $500 in lost commission:

Visited Page Of Blog

My Google Analytics Event Tutorial is the most viewed this month and the “Choose the best hosting Review” is in my top ten again, but no longer in the top 5. This is where $100 of commission came from.

The December report had also been visited and my article ‘Make Money Now‘ still works well, thanks to the keywords used it is present in SERP.

My WordPress tutorial (my best creation in my opinion!) is no longer on my top five and it was giving me more than $120 per month in commission from JustHost in previous reports.

In 10th position is Analytics, this means no money-making topics again.


This report shows an interesting perspective on why a blog makes money.

Those converting articles have been written and I have done the right marketing to spread them, working every morning to share the contents.

Since I haven’t been working on them recently, they have been leaving money on the table.

In January I also finished the first step of my MTTB course and now I have a project on the desk.

Since doing my new time management plan there are going to be changes. I will write a complete article on this and I think it will be a good piece for those who need to improve their life.

So what do you have to do now?

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  1. Joseph Ho February 6, 2015 at 6:15 am

    I find that the the secret weapon GTD are too complex for me to follow. In the end I use trello ad my to do list.

    • Andrea February 28, 2015 at 11:31 pm

      Hey Joseph, thank you for your comment. It is not complicated, you just need to do some test and you will find it easy to work on a daily basis.

  2. Andrea February 6, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    Hey Joseph, Trello is great, you are right and free, but I find it useful as team organizer, again I think it lack on giving you a time table overview.
    However I totally agree. As free tools should be tested.