Lifestyle Report December 2014

Are you excited for 2015?

I am! I’m looking forward to knowing what this year holds for me!

But first I’ll fill you in on how December 2014 went.

A New Family Member

Well we have a new addition to the family and it has taken me the whole month to arrange everything we need to look after him.

So I am glad to present you Iro (which means dog in the Philippines), this is the name we chose (I have two kids and sometimes things are not so simple, but the pronunciation we have chosen sounds like ‘Hero’ so, I like it).




However he is an amazing dog and I decided that I want to spend time to make sure he is well trained.

For this reason in December I’ve spent a lot of money on a Dog Training Course and I haven’t really worked on LifestyleUltimatum very much.

I had to build the “dog house” and I had to search for a dog trainer amongst other things. Also a Shnautzer is not a cheap dog to buy, so this month has been intense.

During Christmas I relaxed, drank beer, and spent time training the dog. Most of December was spent working on stuff and relaxing.

December was a good month. I introduced a course into my to-do list, something different than usual for me.

December about money

With this English blog I wanted to master better paid traffic and then I started iPas2 and Mobe to see whether those two courses are as good as people are telling me.

The point was to figure out which one between the two is the real deal for a new entrepreneur, and soon I will reveal you why you should choose Mobe.

And back to dog training

So for those of you interested in dog training, I spent lot time investigating and looking for a good trainer here in Costa Rica and once I figured out that there aren’t many in my region I decided to look for a web video course.

The best course I’ve seen is the Michael Ellis course.

Here you can get some information about his school and this is where I bought the videos:


And back to Money again

For the rest of you that want to know more about the MTTB experience and iPas2 subscribe to my newsletter here below, I will keep you updated of the new income stream and share with you the whole experience I get with them.


So What Is The Plan For Next Year?

The LifestyleUltimatum business model is getting good results, however it takes me too much time to get traffic and write content, and this was not the initial purpose of the blog.

I already own my Web Design Business which is already very time consuming. With LifestyleUltimatum I had an idea that I wanted to create something helpful for people who wanted to change their lives without spending too much time.

So I first started in November with iPas2 thinking it could be a good solution.

It is not very expensive (apparently), easy to start and the first steps were not so bad, however the basic training isn’t great, so to get some good information you have to move to the higher levels.

Alternatively, MTTB is a massive deal, something you absolutely can’t afford to miss out on!

Whether you are a brand new Internet marketer, or an experienced one, MTTB is the right choice.

During the first 21 steps there is some good information and of course promotional stuff.

I think it covers many aspects, so in the start it was amazing but some of the videos in the middle seemed too “marketing” oriented to me.

However the rest of the course, in particular when it comes to the traffic methods, is great!

After the 21 steps you will have access to the Traffic Lessons and they are really a good deal if you want to master a money making business model.

In my opinion the entire course really is worth a lot.

In the first level it is already worth a lot more than you have paid for it.

It is a business and if you choose it you should consider investing more in it in the near future, because it is not a business just for making a bit of money, it is a business to change a life.

We are here for the Income report though so here are the numbers.

 December 2014 Income Report

December Visits Dropped Substantially

This December has not been good on visits, they dropped significantly but I assure you that it is my own fault and probably because of Christmas.

I have not been working on traffic at all, because I’ve been tied up with a lot of other things.

I still give priority to clients too so before everything clients are a must.

Although I got a couple of great links (Thank you Guys):

Thank you to Angela Alcorn (Onlinecareerist):


And thank you to Quitwork.club:





What has really impressed me is how many visits have been Direct.

It seems to be a good result, because many people decided to visit my blog by searching for the brand, probably interested in my content. I also received a few e-mails thanking me.

Also, Matthew Woodward’s income report is as always an interesting visit.

It’s a shame about the few visits the website is getting; however I’m still impressed at the commission I’m getting.

I still see in LifestyleUltimatum a huge potential.



More than anything else what impressed me has been Google’s decision to make me popular for the niche ‘How to Make money online’.

Is the combination “Lifestyle” with “Make money online” what makes a website important on this topic?

Sadly this makes me happy and frustrated simultaneously.

I wrote such good content for the Hosting comparison, The Web Analytics and many others, but what is the most important for Google?

How to make money online… is it a sign?



The Best Converting Contents

Commissions are perfectly balanced with the most read pages.

This month again my “Choose the best hosting” post is the best for visits and the most important commission.

Siteground is doing great and it completely deserves all this success!

There are people writing to me to tell me they are happy about the choice.



As Google predicts, the ‘Make money now’ post is one that receives good interest from readers.

What impresses me is that the WordPress Basic Tutorial has given more results than the SEO Audit one.


I think ‘How to perform an SEO Audit’ is a really good article and deserves to be read.

It is something that is not commonly known about Search Engines but should be.

The AMAZING Heat Map tool review (a stunning article to me) is not taken into consideration very much.


December 2014 Income Report

Last month Black Friday was a great help, I did mention it and it was true.

This month what has helped a lot has been WpEngine. I earned a good commission from a client who was definitely in need of high level service.

It has been a great month considering that there has not been any promotion on my side.

Also there has been an unexpected BuzzBundle coming from direct message, however I haven’t included it in the Income report because I don’t feel like it’s really a LifestyleUltimatum Result.

Products Earnings
GetResponse 11,28
NameCheap 17.34
Bluehost 65.00
JustHost 60.00
Siteground 50.00
ThemeForest 20.00
WpEngine 200.00
iWriter 13,12
Total 436,74



This month has been a good month although as expected it was lower in commission.

As said I feel really impressed on the higher conversion rate in relation to the really low visits, and most of that it is clearly related to the quality of the Hosting Comparison article.

With that I have really put in the time and effort to create a stunning article and this has paid off so far.

This article helps me with a lot of clients too, because many of them decided to choose Siteground after reading it.

I’ve also received a couple of good e-mails and I must thank those of you who write to me to congratulate me on content.

I must say that it was a huge challenge to write an English Blog and it is great for me to receive such mail!

So I want to personally thank all the readers that are subscribed and follow this new adventure.

Soon I’ll be giving you something really great, I’m planning to give away some really great ideas which will definitely change your life! So Subscribe to my list to be updated with new ways to make money.

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