LifeStyle Report August 2014

This is the second Lifestyle Report I publish since Lifetyle Ultimatum was born and I must say it’s technically the first real LifestyleReport after the blog started.

Officially the blog took off on the 18th of June 2014 although the very first post was published in July. The real work after all the design details is really starting now with this article.

This is an interesting Lifestyle Report, because this report will begin to publish the earnings of the blog, so let’s see what it will bring us in the near future in our new project!

What did I do this month?

Business Cards First.

I’m not kidding the thing that absolutely fascinated me the most this month were my business cards.

Ordered fresh from Italy at the end of July, would you believe? Here they are:

Business Card LifestyleUtlimatum


Affiliate Summit in New York

August was a pretty intense month. The Affiliate Summit in New York was the dominant element, because before and after going to New York led to many commitments, things to do, new resolutions, and so many things to change.

I have also produced this Video, it is a little different from the one I put in the Sugarrae Article, for one thing… can you figure out which one is? Someone told me that I risk to offend people, but… who care.

If you feel offended by this amazing video, well, I am sorry.

Here a night view from our room in the Marriot Marquis in Time Square NY:

NewYork Night View

The thing I liked most of the Summit was the talk of Sugarrae, which has expanded a vision that I share of Google as well as giving me new energy.

And the phrase that struck me most of all was:

“Google doesn’t want to make websites popular, they want to rank popular websites.”

And I totally agree, so let’s make Lifestyle Ultimatum become popular!

The thing I liked the most in New York were seeing friends and meet new people.

I met many interesting people, from Rae Hoffman to Zac Johnson, Carolina Milan, Oscar Gonzales, obviously John Chow, Matthew WoodwardJunJun Li, Terry Lamb and many more. All of them are extraordinary people with their simplicity and passion, who have inspired me to be better… maybe one day, for now I have to rest, hehehe.


I must also thank John Chow who led me officially to the Affiliate Summit. Can you see the T-shirt that says, “I’m with John Chow, Bitch” in the picture?

I want to underline that there is a comma, but the most seems don’t see it. Anyway, I proudly wear it sometime.


I have to thank Matthew Woodward also for so many things, and an article it is not enough to write everything.

And then Junjun Li who took us everywhere in New York night and day.

What damage have I done in New York?

Is it already a rumor?

Yes, I have to admit that we snuck in to a few parties, infiltrated some conferences more than necessary and had a few drinks, maybe too many, but fortunately I was not alone, otherwise I would have done some damage.

Fortunately, New York is safe and I am back home without damaging almost anything.

I must also say that Jet Blue that has really large seats, so I had time to rest and take some good pictures of my return! Make sense to live here.


Ooooh, and to give you a little “inspiration”, we were in the JunJun Mercedes at 4 in the morning driving around the streets of New York after going to too many parties, listening to this song:

Amazing Night!

The return

The return from New York gave me a little physical injury too. I must have walked too much, hehehe, but fortunately nothing serious.
Sadly (or luckily) it blew my sports plans and some work plans. I am so sorry…

Like any good self-respecting Italian, I like good food, and I am also a lover of good beer, and this is a dangerous combination, especially when you live in a country where it is summer all year and it is always a good opportunity for a barbecue with good friends.

The plan was to run on the beach at sunset at least 3 times a week to lose some fat and leave room for more beers, but I will be forced to rest at least for a month … Rest…what a beautiful word.

However a few days ago, I did some light running on the beach, and I have to say I am definitely not a fan of running, but I certainly love the sunsets in this extraordinary country.

Work Work Work

The site is called LifestyleUltimatum and it teaches you how to find success online improving your lifestyle, so I suppose I should also talk about work.

But I could only start the new project with the holiday in New York, and then when I returned, I rested for a week, because I had some things to fix.


Things I have done List:

Take care of my family, they miss me a lot.

Dinner with some friends.

Help a friend with his car.

Drink a few/many beers, some BBQ.

And also go to the beach to see some great sunset.

I am late with the work, I know, please don’t hate me.

With posts I am very late, or rather … that’s my style.

But mainly I have to confess I was really working, because in New York I got to meet the guys from Siteground and WpEngine and from these meetings, an idea was born which I have worked on these two weeks: A Hosting Challenge!

WpEngine, in my opinion is a great hosting, but in New York they were not as welcoming and friendly as the guys (Girls) of Siteground. (Thanks Reneta!)

I had already recommended Siteground to some of my customers with great satisfaction and so I decided to take advantage of the Affiliate Summit to deepen this knowledge.

The company and the commercial made a very good impression on me, so I decided to do some tests, and so I compared Siteground vs. WpEngine which I think are some of the most promising Hosting for WordPress.

Guess who was better?

In total I have collected nearly 2,500 pieces of data on the comparison between WpEngine and Siteground, so as a test I would call it definitely serious.

LifestyleUltimatum is growing, and it’s time to put it on a new hosting.
And I must say that the results made me think about things, because they were very interesting.

I also have one last, unexpected final surprise: Who is the best hosting for WordPress?

Subscribe and you will not lose amazing post like this one:

What Did August Bring me?

Ok, let’s get to the point. Are you are impatient and want to know what LifestleUltimatun brought me this month?

Well, honestly it was a month much more promising than I could imagine.

LifestyleUltimatum to be fair, has definitely less than a real month of life, especially because in August I have done nothing, but yet it has had some interesting visits.


In particular my tutorial on how to install a blog in 5 minutes, received a few clicks and this make me happy, becasue I think that it is a great idea, especially for who have not a lot of knowledge.

And the tutorial on Inspectlet had the beauty of 443 unique clicks from the start of July. This happens because I have been published twice in the “The Best of internet marketing” from Matthew Woodward, (Did I already told you that I have to thank you him?)



I did not expect to receive clicks at least before 4 months. I would say that I can be consider myself satisfied, also because there is some good clicks coming from Google, so the blog is somewhere.

What I’ve got as affilaite clicks?



Hey, LifestyleUtlimatum is pretty much started! The first true posts were the Inspectlet one, so it would be too much to expect some real gains, no?

Yet there were!

I was sure that for the first 6 months I would not see any results, especially because the most of the time I have worked on Graphics and design, however there are some results, and they are far more important than expected.

Thanks to the tutorial I have received some benefit and lot subscribers to the accounts.

But the best thing is that LifestyleUltimatum has already earned his first 50 dollars and not from an affiliate Link I published in the blog, but from a link I sent via email, can I consider them earning of the blog?

Affiliate Earnings:

Affiliate Earnings
Siteground $50
Other stuff still hope

So, the idea to make good tutorials (I already knew it, because I already do it on the Italian market) is a great idea to keep people stuck, and they are also a great help for readers.

They are also an important way to make your blog grow, because youtube drives lot visits. Remember that it is a search engine.

Also remember that you must have a blog, no matter what type of business you are in. It is vital.

Once the blog is online, you can adapt it to your different needs over time, but put your blog online as soon as possible, and also be sure to insert an auto responder in your project to start immediately with email marketing. Keep in mind that value is in the list!

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