Income Report

The 20 Days Late Lifestyle Report

Usually I publish my Income Reports on the 5th of each month. And this month I am late – very late, but for a good reason.

I have been close to shutting down LifestyleUltimatum, and I’m still thinking about how to manage it and turn it into something that’s just more attractive to me.

To write a blog you should have the passion and burning desire to expose yourself and show people what your life is.

Either that or you should share what you really care about without thinking about the money.

I think I am missing both.

This month’s earnings will make you understand better:

My Usual Job: $ 7,800.00
LifestyleUltimatum: $ 482.05


Affiliate program Earnings
Inspectlet 37.18
GetResponse 157.87
Siteground 150
Just Host 60
BlueHost 65
Total 482.05

As you can see, this blog is still not making enough money to be considered my first priority.

Like many others I love the idea of being a full time blogger someday; however I do love my job when I deal with the right clients, especially if they pay the right money.

It is not a fault with the blog.

For the visits it is getting LifestyleUltimatum is running great, the problem is me, I dedicate my time to my clients first.

While I am writing my income report I must stop for a moment because my 8 year old son is asking me to install Minecraft (he has been asking for three days actually, he is still asking and today is Sunday, so it’s a family Sunday, not a blog Sunday).

So what to do? LifestyleUltimatum or Minecraft for my son? (BRB)

I am (prioritized by importance):

1) A father
2) A husband
3) A beer lover (shouldn’t beer be at the bottom???? Naaah!)
4) A web Worker
5) A blogger

This is the order of my priorities and I’m happy with that.

I treat my work like a daily job, just like most of the people out there who work full time do. The only difference is that sometimes we have the freedom to head to the beach for a barbecue.

Ok, so I live in Costa Rica 500 metres from the ocean and I have a swimming pool in front of my house, but that doesn’t make me the right person to teach you what a dot com lifestyle is, not least because I don’t really care about the dot com lifestyle.

I’m the kind of person that doesn’t have the time to take a picture of what I am about to eat.

Sometimes I forget my phone or before remembering to take a picture for the blog I have already eaten everything and am already thinking about having a nap.

With that said, to be in front of my computer is my passion: Web Design, Marketing Strategy, Developing, SEO, etc.

As you can see, among my passions there is no writing or blogging so far.

All of those are things that I can live for, reading, studying, developing and testing every day.

All of those things should also be done at a good price, with a good income upfront 😀

So I suppose that LifestyleUltimatum is going to change a little bit – not a lot, but I need to rethink why I am doing this.

Maybe this will help me to spend more time on this project and make it move a bit further.

If you want to know what the future holds for the blog, subscribe below because at this moment in time I don’t know what it will be, but if you are on my list, one day you will find out!

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