Income Report November 2014

LifestyleUltimatum is growing again it seems!

November has been an interesting month and Black Friday offers helped me a lot with sales.

I have been busier on the direct contact side than on the blogging side and this gave me good results in terms of money.

Some new clients also asked for my services so I had some earnings from there too. To work only for glory is never a good idea.


Thanks to direct Skype contacts with clients, LifestyleUltimatum has achieved a good income this month.

However this month strategy took me time and already following my existing clients and my other blogs, I don’t have much time to spend in sharing my blog around.


LifestyleUltimatum’s goal is not to earn money by taking me too much daily time.

I have been working on forums for a while, answering questions and I have really given my best in some answers.

Those answers seem to have given me great targeted results, because I have received some direct messages and I am sure I have been really helpful.


The Best Converting Content

As you can see the best converting article for the site has again been “How To Choose The Best Hosting For WordPress“.

I must confirm again that Siteground is still the one to go. All the clients and readers that follow this route are happy and still thank me.


I am still happy about moving from WpEngine to Siteground, both are great quality hosting, but if you read the article you will understand why I chose Siteground.


There are 5 more converting articles that gave me great results:


  1. Which Is The Best Hosting For WordPress
  2. How To Make Money Now
  3. How To Start A Professional Blog (cloning my blogs)
  4. How To Choose The Right Email Marketing Service
  5. How To Choose An SEO Theme


I also think that many decided to buy through my links thanks to the good tutorials, so that’s great! It confirms that content is the king, even though I must say that it is not the only thing that makes the difference!


New December / January Projects:

November has been great but I am not really completely satisfied by LifestyleUltimatum’s results.

The kind of Business model I am embracing is probably not the one that best fits my actual needs.


This is of course a great strategy and the results are awesome, however LifestyleUltimatum is not born for people who want to spend their life in front of a computer, so it is time to test some more “ultimatum” strategy.

Lately I have been facing things that have requested my attention and as always this happens every day, and I want to have the time to take care of my family and friends more than ever now.


It is also time for a new arrival in our family, so I need to get more free time for him.

Not a baby! HA! I already have two of those!

A dog will probably be coming soon but shhht! Keep it a secret, the children don’t know yet!


Also, as a father, I would like to focus on content that helps my readers who are facing the need to get income faster with fewer efforts.

I am in touch with many people that work on MTTB and after looking at the result they get for a while, I have been thinking that this would be a great solution to test one day.

From what I have heard it is a great marketing course and a fast money making strategy of course, although I have never actually seen MTTB for myself.

However, I know that MTTB is expensive and from my point of view I cannot consider it to be the right starting point for anyone who is trying to change their life.

I have been searching for an alternative, less expensive but with a similar effect.


Last week John Chow sent me an email about iPAS2, so I decide to invest part of the LifestyleUltimatum monthly income on this experience, to write about it and share my thoughts with you.


It is something different from what I have always done so far, because everything I have done has been using knowledge I already have.


Basically what I want to achieve is a business online for people who want to change their lives doing less time consuming actions and not investing thousands of dollars.


I have been very satisfied with the iWriter article. I have a couple of happy affiliates that are now working as writers with great income results.


Moreover to be a writer involves writing skills, but what if you only want to make money?


So I decided to write an iPAS2 list for those who want to keep up to date with this experiment and learn from my test.


Subscribe to the form here below if you want to be part of this group.




Let’s Take A Look At The Actual November Income Report


Monthly visits are growing slowly and steadily, I must say that the results are aligned with the amount of time I spend marketing it.


This month I have been in touch with Sniply and I am now working with it a little. Soon I will setup some tests but from what I can see, it is a great marketing tool especially because it allows me to target some audiences perfectly.


Here is my traffic.

You will notice that there are some new voices on the list this month, because I am also tracking forum signatures and other traffic strategies that I have recently implemented this month.




Here you can see which pages have driven me more traffic this month:




I must say that they respond perfectly to the audiences that I have been searching for this month.


How Much Money This Month?


Good Andrea, this month I have made some good progress with LifestyleUltimatum. I have spent more time working on marketing and less on writing and this has given me some good results.


As I must say, 50% of the income of this month is thanks to Black Friday sales, although I didn’t set up any offers, I think that many readers from last month were aware and probably waiting for the right moment to buy.


So here are the numbers:

Aweber 58,14
GetResponse 122,88
JustHost 120
Siteground 350
StudioPress 20,98
iWriter 2,12
ElegantThemes 19,5
PrettyLinkPro 22,2
Total 715,82




From this income report there is only one conclusion, I have made more than $700.00 out of the blog this month, so I’m happy with the results.


LifestyleUltimatum is not my main income stream but I expect that it will soon be an important part, so you should stay in touch and follow my journey!


If you want to stay updated and get my content straight into your inbox subscribe below!





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  1. Joseph Ho December 13, 2014 at 7:38 am

    Hey, congrat on breaking the $700 per month. I am on my way there too.

    • Andrea December 13, 2014 at 3:12 pm

      Thank you Joseph. I must say thank you to Black Friday for this 😀 However it is a great result considering also the few visits. I am happy.