How to start a successful blog – the one rule you must know

Start a successfull blog

Since I started working on the web, I’ve read thousands of articles that were supposed to teach me the secrets for having a successful blog.

The 7 rules on How to start a Successful Blog

The 50 things you must know to be a perfect blogger

Do you believe in your passion, write daily with constancy, and so forth?

And maybe you have asked to yourself thousand times how to do it, because it looks very simple when the gurus teach you, but when you have to do it, find good ideas every day is not so natural.

Above all, it is not so easy to share your ideas and make them grow.

Well, if you want to have a successful blog there is only one rule you need to know:
Believe in your blog!

To create a successfull blog you must believe in your blog!

Someone said that the rule is to believe in your content and this is true, but not complete.

In order to believe in your blog you have first to believe in your content! But not only.

If you do not believe that this is really the only answer read this article, but if only for a second you leave your mind opened you will understand that this is really the only secret you need to know.

When you believe in your content and you really feel that you’re giving something important to your audience, your blog will grow easily!

You will not have problems to spread it and share it with the whole universe!

No worries to send an email to the most big marketer in the world and tell him that you have something important to say.

When you believe in a content, and you are sure that this will be the best information ever for the people, you will spontaneously spread it, talk about it, and ask for others to talk about it.

When your blog is full of this kind of contents, your blog is pure value, for you and for everybody, so, it will be a winning blog.


The experience of top marketers teaches!

I am a lucky person and I have the chance to compare with top bloggers and marketers, and I must confess that they always have tried to give me great advice on how to create a successful blog.

In all their advice there is always a huge value, and now that I look back there was always also “believe in your content”.

The two main examples of this are Matthew Woodward and John Chow.

One of the things I always admired about Matthew is that he really puts all the effort and dedication possible to create a top blog, and from the first day his words were: “always do the best and make it better”!

When I had the opportunity to listen to John Chow talk about his work, his words had the same effect as those of Matthew.

Consistency, this is what John Chow do every day. Write with passion every day!

These two recommendations put together in my opinion can be translated into a single rule:

Do your best with perseverance and energy, if there is already the better, make it better!

Pure gold for my ears, the rule of consistency of John Chow, and the rule of the quality of Matthew had to be the right rules.

And I guarantee that they work very well when applied, they cost a lot in effort and time, but they are winning rules!

But, even if they are sacred words, something was always missing that is not in their words but it is in their actions.

Something that you can breathe in their blogs, the way they talk about their work and the way in which for years, make them continue to believe strongly in what they do.

Believe! Believe in their contents, in their actions, knowledge and work!

This is what I was missing, that’s what for them is natural and spontaneous, but I had not!

While writing this article, to share this understanding with you, I was so full of energy that I wrote these words to Matthew on Skype:

Andrea (me): I am writing a fu ** ing super article for LifetyleUltimatum. I will change the world!

And guess what was the answer?

Matt: You have to have that though with every article 🙂

Skype award winning blogger Matthew Woodward

And you know why he answer like that? Because he is doing it every single day!

For a blogger who is sure of its content that has studied what he is writing, which cost him sacrifice, money, time and relationships, there is no way to go wrong.

As this article.

I am sure that if you’ve never thought about what I’m about to say, before now, this article will change your life and your blog, and I am sure, because this article itself is a demonstration of what I’m saying.

But, believe in your contents is it enough?

How can these people believe so strongly in their content to still believe in them so long?


Gurus teach well, but wrong! Back to the only rule, believe in your blog!

dont-think-about-moneyWhat is the difference between believe in your blog and believe in your content?

Have you never notice that the top bloggers do big money? You notice it, I bet!

But, the rule is always to give great value for free. Or to say it better, would you make money? So, don’t think about money!


Do not think about the money, this is the advice that was given to me a million times!

And it is amazing to be surrounded by people doing a bunch of money that still tell you to not think about money! Especially when the only thing that you need is Money!

And even if it is a very good advice, it is Wrong!

Of course it is wrong! Even if it is a real and good advice, and make sense, it is only part of what you need to do in order to succeed!

Think about it, this advice cannot get along with the only rule I told you!

Believe in your Blog!

I want Make money now memeWould you believe in a blog that does not make you gain anything? That no one reads? Which is not able to pay his costs? That costs you hard work without giving anything in return?

Of course not!

So, where is the trick here? Have I to think to the money or not to make money?

Of course you have! You must! But, not when you write contents, because it is not your content duty to make money but the blog duty!

Your blog needs to make money, thanks to the content!

And your blog should make money not the content!

Believe in your content when you write it, and believe in your blog when it’s money time!

They are two different things, living in the same blog!

When writing your content you’re doing it for people, for yourself and for the same content itself ! You write it as your best, no matter what!

At that moment, you do not have to think about the money, you have to think about how much you can give, and you need to work hard to do it better! Do it better for every reason you know to make it better, but do it!

Do the maximum possible, with sacrifice and effort, because you have to believe in your content. If you do not believe in it, then you’re not doing well enough, your blog will not succeed.

Ask to yourself why you’re doing it, what are you giving to your audience?

And put all your truth, your effort. Study and give how much you can give to your reader.

Ask yourself, what if the most important person in your niche read it?

Would you be proud of it?

If he does not understand, would you fight for what you wrote and believe in?

YES! If the top blogger in your market tells you that the content is wrong you have to be so sure of your content to believe that he does not understand, but the content still worth!

But your blog? What are you doing for its purpose? Money? Fame? Helping?

How can you believe in your blog if you do not know why it was created?

How can you believe in it if you don’t believe in why you have created it?

So when you write your content you will think about the content, but when you put the content online you do marketing in your blog and you must set up everything in order to make your blog earn money. Think about it!

So it is fair to think of the gain? SURE! Only that you must do it at the right time!

Here you need to think about SEO and marketing, as instruments at the service of the value you’re giving, not as methods to create the value!

The gain, (money, fame, trust), is something that belongs to the mind.

Your “why”, what drives you in writing the real content it is coming from your soul.

Your spirit knows the truth, your mind can only make money.

So let your soul create the value, and then use your mind to make it better, perfect, and rich in content.

And in the end let it be your mind to plan how to use this content in the right way to turn it into money.

Finally, I remind you that money is for mind, but richness belongs to your soul, and if you think you can live a rich life without wealth you cannot, this is my ultimatum.

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