How To Master Time Management And Recoup Your Self-Esteem Instantly

Everything you have read on time management is wrong or incomplete.
It works only if you start from a solid base, but if you want to rise from the bottom you need a fresh starting point.

Time management is fundamental to make your business grow but more than anything else, self-consciousness and self-esteem are a must.

So today I want to give you a way to hold your head high forever!

Time, Tasks And Much More

Where is the big lie?

It stands in your self-improvement system and if you understand it you will be free forever!

If you think you can improve your productivity with better time management alone you are wasting your time, and all you will get is more stress.

Task management instead keeps you focused on the right things but it can make you loose the big picture and this isn’t good either.

If you were paying attention you’ll notice I wrote task management and not time management, and now I will explain it.

Have You Ever Heard Of The Secret Weapon?

If you have never taken it into consideration, you should study it and use it as part of your business management system, but be careful.

On its own it is not enough and can mislead your working plan.

When you study the secret weapon or other GTD based systems, you will learn one of the most efficient task management systems on a time basis.

It uses Evernote as a base to build an efficient system to manage your tasks.

With a specific time based tag organization it allows you to save each task for future assignment.

But although it appears to be an efficient time management system it is not, because it is a task management system.

This is the key because time management is not enough.

It only works if you have lot of free time and a good budget.

If you are using the Secret Weapon and it is working as a time management system then you are probably using a different time/money management method whether you are doing it consciously or not.

Let Me Give You My Point Of View

In the past I would simply write tasks down in my planner.

I spent months searching for a good one.

It was a must to be organized in my job because I was the piano and instrument supplier for venues during concert seasons, and

I had to organize everything for them. So there was no room for error or to forget a date!

So I got used to being especially punctual at all times!

My planner was my secret weapon at that time.

This special Time/Costs/Employee management allowed me to achieve good success in my old business.

But I wasn’t aware how effective it was, so when I switched to my new web business I completely forgot about it, because I didn’t consider that it might be a great solution for other jobs too.

From Web Developer To Blogger – Task Management Vs. Time Management

Once I decided to introduce blogging to my life, I used The Secret Weapon for good “time” management.

The Secret Weapon is a great system and it gives me an overview of the work that I have never had before.

It helps on task management where other tools fail because everything is always ready at your fingertips.

If you work with a planner you have a great time management tool, but you still miss old information and you are focused only on tasks that you’ve already set up for a specific date.

The secret weapon allows you to create future steps and keep them under control although they are not planned on a specific date.

So with this efficient time based method my task list turns from a mess of folders and notes around my computer with some calendar tasks, into this:

I now have a clear and concise list of tasks to accomplish.

The Secret Weapon is a great task management system and if you have the time available, it works perfectly!

Looking at the list above I only have a few Active Projects and I feel like I can probably complete them in one day or one week.

In this representation they don’t seem to be time consuming activities or expensive activities.

It’s likely that if you’re already picky about your money management it will fit your needs perfectly.

The problem is if you lack of time and your budget needs to be under strict control because it is spread across many different projects, in this scenario The Secret Weapon is the most inefficient system I have ever seen.

But I didn’t realize that until last Monday.

It made me completely miss the big picture. So what brought this to my attention?

Family Or Business Man, You Should Do It Better

When did the problem start?

I have children. If you have children you probably know that a family requires 10 times more energy than you can expect to need when you are single.

The same happens also when you are in multiple businesses especially if they are all growing.

If you combine both of those situations, you are sitting on a bomb ready to explode.

This happened to me this Monday when I did invented the BASEList.

The BASE List

Business Awareness Stress Esteem List

If you miss one of these points from the BASE List you will destroy your business and your self-esteem:

  1. Time/Task Management
  2. Money Management
  3. Stress/Energy Management

Do you feel that you are missing one of those things?

Instant Self Esteem Magnification, Read It!

If you miss one point from the BASE List you will fail because your business planning is not in a state of equilibrium.

What Happened That Monday?

That Monday I found out that my time is finished thanks to Mr. Gantt.
Apparently, looking at the TSW, I still have all the time I need but each time I tried to improve that system,

I was only adding stress and inefficiency on a time-limited system.
When you are stressed your brain works at 40% if not 20%, but you can’t see it when you are stressed.

So the first step is admitting to yourself that you are doing the best as you can in that very moment. You are always doing great!

If something is going wrong it means that you are just pointing in the wrong direction with the same strong action.

This is not a simple sentence or something to read and forget; if you are feeling bad right now, you should focus on yourself and re-position your point of view.

Look at everything from the point of view that you are right and not wrong and a new world will be revealed to your eyes.

You need the right way not the hard way!

If someone is telling you to work hard and smart, you are trusting that magic will happen, you always work hard and always as smart as you can.

I don’t believe that you can know a way to do something good, but still be doing it bad just because you don’t like doing things the smart way.

The right frame of mind should be to look at it as if you are someone doing it great, just with the wrong system.

So sit down and rethink the system over again. That’s it, you already have all you need.

Goals Are Not All The Same

If you need $1000 per month to survive the goal is closer for you than the person that needs $2000.
With the same consistency and the same work when both get to $1500, the first one is winning and saves money to make the business grow, reduce stress and live a better life – but the second one still hasn’t reached that goal.
So why is this?

I realized it when I decided to put all the consistent activities back into my plan on a time basis.
Magically my simple list of tasks appeared like this:

And this is just my first week…

Starting from the Blue Column background there is my weekly tasks, the ones that make me feel consistent.

But all the blue lines on the left, before the blue background, are all high reward tasks that I should put in my week.

But as you can see, doing the daily tasks that give me the appearance of consistency, leaves no room to insert the high rewards tasks in my week.

So here is what I understand:

What I Was Really Doing:

  1. Earning money with my WebAgency business
  2. Doing Skype coaching with clients
  3. Studying MTTB
  4. Earning money with my blogs
  5. Writing my English Blog
  6. Writing my Italian Blog
  7. Setting up websites for clients
  8. Spending a lot of money to keep all those tasks running
  9. Helping friends
  10. Spending time with family
  11. Drinking beer
  12. Planning a 20 day vacation for March
  13. Accumulating stress

What I Was Convinced I Was Doing:

  1. Lacking consistency
  2. Thinking I was just doing too few things in my TSW list
  3. Feeling that I was failing with my blog because it was not updated as planned
  4. Feeling that I was failing with client time management
  5. Failing with my Italian blog
  6. Failing in money and time management because every second I was out of my budget
  7. Failing with my family because I was always stressed and had less self-esteem to really get things done, as they deserve.

Sound familiar?
If this is your case you should just sit down and stop thinking you are bad.

How I Setup My New Time Management

The Right Tools:

I found this great FREE tool first: Gantt Project

It is an open source time management tool that allows you to build a graphic line and it can be the perfect solution.

It allows you to setup Tasks in a specific time and assign them to different people.

Sadly, it only allows you to setup daily bars, but I needed to control the daily tasks on a minute time frame as well.

Then I found OmniPlan, a tool based on the Gantt Project but with time/money management improved with a time frame of minutes and a more useful option.

OmniPlan is expensive, but it’s worth every penny.

If you don’t want to spend money Excel is a good solution too, but it doesn’t allow you to change the schedule of your tasks as easily as OmniPlan does.

That will leave you re-scheduling your tasks every day when you lack the time to do so.

With OmniPlan you can also assign different variables to each task to keep everything under control, also stress and energy relieving if you need it.

There is also lots of other good, free software and some good Excel templates.

Stress Management

This is the most important point you should focus on.

I was discussing the situation with Matthew (Sorry Matt if I wasted your morning with my stress).

And I realized that if you are complaining about a lack of time, it is probably just because you don’t have the time and not because you should do better!

There comes a point where you are at the top of your efficiency and yet you still need more time.

If you try to improve your skills you just continue to fail because you are creating stress rather than more success.

So how do you know when there is no more room to improve? Stress is the indicator.

If you feel stressed this means you have saturated your time and efficiency improvement.

You should move in a different direction.

You can delegate or you must stop adding tasks, or you should focus on how to speed them up without adding stress.

Is there a way to speed everything without adding stress? Money Management!

Here Comes The Budget!

Do you need better tools? Employees? To outsource your job? A massage? A faster computer?

If you rethink your money management under this new light you will see that you immediately lower your stress levels.

This happens because you see that you are no longer wasting money in things that you cannot afford to do, but are actually investing money in things that help you.

If they relieve you of some stress, they are real solutions.

How Can You Setup Your Budget In The Right Way?

Being good at budgeting is hard work, but my advice is to keep it as simple as possible.

I prefer to use excel, but the system works the same on a white sheet of paper.

1) Put every cost next to the relative reward, taking into account the time value.

For example if something Costs $2000 in 4 months and has a potential reward of $1000 in 1 month then don’t write the cost as $2000 in the first month.

Instead analyze month by month, so in the first month the cost will be $500 not $2000.

This removes stress and makes you manage your monthly spending review a lot better.

2) Order the table by stress – the less stress the better

3) Once you are ready, keep the ones that have a potential high reward with less stress. Write them down in your Gantt time table.

If you see that your weekly time management allows more after this, then you can add more later.

If you can, always try to stay within your budget so as not raise the stress level.

To do that, combine many rewarding activities with lower cost activities.

Like this:

Tasks Cost Potential Reward in 30 days Stress

























What If Your Plan Is Not Giving You Enough Rewards?

Firstly your plan should contain more rewarding tasks and fewer expensive tasks.

Remember that your time has a cost, and every moment you live in stress is money spent.

Working on too many businesses, adding stress and believing that you are failing with all of them sends you into a downward spiral instead of feeling positive.

If you get rid of all business that costs you a lot of money and gives late rewards and stress, focusing instead on only improving one successful business, what happens?

Soon you will be succeeding, that’s it.

If you feel comfortable adding more stress to your to do list and delaying that success you can, but you are aware that it is a choice, not a must.


To make all this easier it only needs one simple consideration.

You should evaluate if you are doing time or task management.

You should ask yourself how stressed you are getting.

If it is too much then you’ve probably run out of time in the day.

Go to the Gantt chart and rethink your daily/weekly/monthly tasks.

Do you need to improve your productivity?

Reduce Stress by going back to money management because happy people produce more.

If you add more tasks, don’t forget they are just secondary options.

And finally take your time!

You are a beautiful creation and every day you are doing your best, so stop thinking that you are not doing great. Pat yourself on the back and be proud of what you have achieved.
I hope you have enjoyed this article.

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