How to Change WordPress Themes

This is the simplest part of the wordpress administration.

But as always, and example is better than thousands words, so let’s see the procedure:

For this example I will make you download a free, but quite professional theme.

Usually with a free themes is really difficult to achieve good design quality. Also free themes miss a lot of important parameters that a paid team study to improve your blog performance.

But for now here we have a great free collection that can really fit lot of your needs.

To see my collection, let’s go under menu –> Marketing Weapons and WordPress Themes.

Here I collect all the developers that create high quality themes with high SEO quality and themes that I personally use, so I know that with this themes you will achieve great results.



When you are on the page, select the SmThemes


And from the Sm Themes Website, download a design you like.


When you downloaded the file, locate his position, to know where to find it for the next step


Now go under appearance –> Themes and choose add new.

This is the most common way to install a professional theme. You can also upload it via FTP, but it is an advanced procedure that we don’t need necessarily to know. The results are the same.


When in the upload page, select the files we previously located, and click Install now.


When the file is completely uploaded you just need to activate the theme and that’s it!


In the 90% of the case you need to work on the settings of the theme to make it appear as it is when you buy it, also always a great theme need some customization, but the SmThemes they are great because you will get them with already a good setup, so go to the homepage and reload the page to see the results.


Reload the homepage and see the results:


Not Bad for a second of work!

Free WordPress theme directory

Now let’s see how to find a lot of free themes from the wordpress directory. Click on the upper button WordPress.org Themes to reach the wordpress free themes collection.

For what is my experience, there is no way to find a great theme for free if you don’t have any code experience.

I have had in past some great websites made with free themes, but I have had to customize them a lot via the wordpress code.

But today the quality of the Paid themes is so high, and they are so simple to administrate that I don’t see any reason to not spend some money on them.



When you will be in the directory you can choose a free theme you prefer and click on the install button.


As you see, to install a free WordPress theme is quite simple, as the theme before activate it again and reload the home page to see the result.



As you can see the difference in quality is clear, although you can customize it and make every theme appear as best.



To conclude our tutorial let’s go under Appearence –> themes and reactivate the theme we prefer.

Click in the voice menu and activate the Theme you prefer clicking on the activate button.


Reload  the page again and you will see your favourite theme again in place!


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