Happy Birthday Andrea

Once a year my birthday too!

And today it is the day, I am turning 38, not bad hm?

It seems incredible, but there it is!

This morning I woke up and found 40 messages on facebook, many more on skype, not to mention the countless phone calls!


Terry Lamb write me on Facebook:


Junjun Li on Skype:


A bunch of friends wrote me on email and much more are coming, pheeww!!! A busy day today.

And this birthday was a special birthday I must admit, because two special friends came and I spent twenty days of wonderful vacation with them!

But it does not stop here, because in the last months I have had the opportunity to see the airport so many times that now, there, they know me by name! And I really need a vacation from the vacations!

I have not yet got to the end, because in a week there will be another special event in New York!

The affiliate summit, the greatest event that is affecting my days in full.

The Canopy tours to the volcano and take a back seat these days, because they are busy with the preparations.

Lifestyle Ultimatum it is beginning hos travel seriously, and these days maybe I’ll get a little time to give it a good start as it should.

I have so many projects and so many ideas in my head, how to start a blog, a video on how to create a successful website, but also much much more.

Having the time maybe I’ll be able between a beer and a fishing day to realize this ambitious project!

The special Gift to my readers

But what to give on my birthday?

Well, I thought it would not be a bad idea to offer something new, and so, although I have not yet completed I thought I’d publish in advance the first part of the video “how to setup a blog in less than 5 minutes” that you can find here on youtube.

The second part of the tutorial is definitely the most interesting because it allow you to completely clone my blog with all the plugins and settings, all the security settings, SEO settings, and even some good marketing trick.

Also in this tutorial you will learn how to set up a webform to collect the newsletter through Aweber, and also to allow your readers to download an ebook.

So if you want to get the complete totorial subscribe here to my newsletter and I will keep you updated as soon as the second part will be ready!

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  1. Yeison KIm August 1, 2014 at 6:37 pm

    Feliz Cumpleaños Mae !