Getting More Hits through Email Signature

Email signatures are an often overlooked aspect of the overall online marketing plan, however they can play a very important part in keeping your blog fresh in the minds of people that you communicate with.

As such, having a good signature can make a lot of difference to your blog and can play a large part in driving traffic to your content without having to rely on search engines.

What You Will Learn In This Article:

  • How to utilise an email signature and set up tracking.
  • Using Google Analytics to see the tracking results.
  • How your signature can increase visits to your blog.
  • Useful tools for creating tracking codes and improving your signature.

The key to a good email signature is simplicity. Overloading the signature with information can lead to readers simply skipping over the parts that really matter so pay special attention to the structure and the information contained therein.

Ensure that the signature contains a direct link to the blog or the main articles, and type out the full URL like this:

Lifestyleultimatum Email Signature

Some email clients have difficulty working with images so I do everything I can to ensure the information provided is mostly coded in HTML.

Doing so can drive traffic to the blog, especially if you are emailing people who have emailed you first or have expressed interest in your content before.

Most people keep important emails and having your link in the signature can ensure your blog reaches as wide an audience as possible.

Additionally, it is very important to track the data related to your signature. Thankfully Google’s Analytics software offers a marketing campaign tracking tool that can do just that, but first we will examine a few other factors that can make a good signature great.

Effective Marketing

Marketing is one of the widest-reaching but most difficult aspects of running a business. It can often be very difficult to determine where you should place your focus and it is critically important that you make the correct selections to ensure proper conversion to the blog.

A good signature is essentially a form of email marketing.

While we traditionally view email marketing as the creation of graphic emails that prompt people to take a closer look at the website, with a signature you provide a more understated but no less effective method of reaching your content.

Signatures are also important to communicate with your audience giving it more infos without telling them straight.

The trick is how much time you dedicate to making the signature as effective as possible.

This way you can get hits that are essentially free, rather than spending on intensive campaigns.

Useful Tools

Before examining how to use Analytics to track your signature and other URLS, it is important to highlight a couple of tools that can help you achieve email marketing success.

For Gmail signature creation, there is a great tool available on the market: Brand My Mail.

setup-brand-my-mail com

The company has an amazing track record in providing signature templates that are both effective and customisable, plus they can link directly into your gmail account to ensure the signature is attached properly to every email you send.

Their signatures are crisp, clean and effective, which makes them to perfect place to start for those who are having a little trouble. They even offer full email templates for those who want to take their branding a little further.

Alternatively, if you aim to conduct a full automatized email marketing campaign it is important to select a tool that can both help you to create an effective email and also ensure that as many people as possible get to see it.

Get Response can be the right tool. It offers email and campaign creation in addition to helping you with landing pages.

Furthermore, the tool also offers detailed statistics about the campaigns  that you run using the tool, allowing you to further refine and optimise your efforts.

Tracking Results With Google Analytics

While some of the tools mentioned previously provide tracking to some degree, this will often only incorporate tracking of dedicated campaigns created using the software.

For those who simply want to find out how effective their signature is in driving traffic to their blog, Google Analytics offers a tracking function that can link in to the URL in your email signature to provide comprehensive details.

The URL Builder is where you need to go.

support google com-URL builder - Analytics Help

From here you can create a version of your URL with a tracking code attached, which can then be placed into your email signature or in any external link you want to track.


If you visit the tool note that it asks for a number of parameters that can help to define the campaign and ensure you can sift through the data as efficiently as possible.

Of these:

  1. Campaign Name
  2. Source
  3. Medium

They are the most important.

Examples of how to use each are as follows:

Campaign Name :


This should be a name that reflects the campaign you are creating. In this case a name like ‘sig’ or ‘signature’ tells you exactly what the campaign refers to.

Campaign Source :


This should refer to the URL used and the format it is provided in. As such, if you use an anchor tag to define the link then that is what should be placed here for better tracking.

Campaign Medium :


This is simply the medium used to refer the hit to your website. In this case something like ‘email’ or the title of the email you have sent should be used.

With all of these factors in place you can create a tracking code that can provide accurate results relating to how effective your email signature and other links are.

The results will be in your Google Analytics account as a custom campaign and should be findable using the Campaign Name that you created. More information can be found here.

Google Analytics Campaigns


Email marketing is a very valuable weapon when it comes to marketing but it is important to do it right. Use the tools that are available to you and take advantage of free options such as your email signature and Google Analytics to get the most out of this marketing technique.


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