Getting Creative to Make Money Online

When people think of traditional ways of making money online they general fall back on the old standards.

Maintaining an online shop that sells directly to customers, placing advertisements on a blog or acting as an affiliate for a popular service are all methods that can yield high returns.

In this article I will show you something different.


What You Will Learn In This Article:

  • A brief introduction to traditional methods of making money online.
  • The basics of copywriting and tools that can help.
  • Other ideas to make money online.


Each traditional ways of making money requires a completely different skill set and business model.

In some cases, such as advertising on your website, they also require a certain level of viewership before any money can be made.

In fact, this is the problem with all of these methods in that each requires people to be aware of the website used before any money can be made.

Luckily there are a number of other ways to make money online that are ideal for the more creative of for those who don’t have the patience to build up the following required to make the previously mentioned methods work.


Copywriting and the Tools That Can Help

We have spoken about ways in which you can use your copywriting skills to make money online before.

copyIn essence the trick comes in finding the right suppliers that can provide you with a level of work you’re comfortable with at a rate that you are happy working to.

For this it is often a good idea to make use of the many services that are available to copywriters.


This is the service we covered extensively in the previously mentioned article and is still a great place to start for newbies. The rates offered aren’t the greatest but if you’re quality of work I high enough it is possible to make connections that can provide more work outside of the tool.


fiverrFiverr provides a more extensive service than iWriter in that it allows people to place jobs for tasks other than those that involve copywriting.

Payment rates are also negotiable in many cases, though again it is occasionally difficult to find work at a payment rate that is suitable for the long term.

Elance and oDesk

These two services are mentioned under the same heading as the companies have recently merged.

Both allow writers to create extensive profiles and then find jobs suitable to their talents.

Payment is negotiable depending on the job and client, plus payment protection is offered on most jobs.

Both services also offer other categories for those looking to work online outside of copywriting.

Specific Websites – Write and Get Paid

If you believe your copywriting skills are up to snuff then it is worth checking out sites that pay set rates to freelancers based on the content they produce.

Examples of such sites are Listverse and What Culture.

whatculture com-Write For WhatCulture com And Get Paid


Such sites will usually require the writer to pitch their own ideas so be prepared to work towards a particular niche and don’t be upset if your ideas get rejected.


Using Photography and Design to Make Money

Copywriting is just one piece of the puzzle.

If you don’t have the necessary skills when it comes to crafting content there are still plenty of other avenues to explore, especially if you are creative-minded.

Stock Image Services

Stock images is a massive industry on the online world.

Practically every website that you visit will be making use of them in some form of another, which means that somebody else is making money from this usage.

For those who aren’t aware, stock images are pictures that a person can purchase for use on a website, brochure or any other form of media that they need an image for.

Examples of stock image websites include iStock, Fotolia, Shutterstock, Gettyimages and more.

www istockphoto com-Stock photos, royalty-free images, video & music clips - iStock

They maintain a large store of images that are available for purchase, with prices depending on factors such as size and quality of the image.

This is where you come in, especially if you have a passion for photography or designing images.

Assuming you have the required talent to create images that would be accepted by such sites, it is possible to make a good income by submitting your creations to a website that sells stock images.

Best of all, if the image is accepted it can be sold over and over again depending on how many people want to use the image.

In the majority of cases the website hosting the image for you will take a percentage of each sale, leaving the rest for you.

Should you happen to create a popular image it is quite feasible that you could make thousands of dollars a month by using such services.

In many ways it is possible to make a lot more money through image creaton services than with copywriting, though again it requires the creative spark and a certain level of talent.

Be prepared for rejection of you images, though tips are available to help you avoid rejection as far as possible.


Make money selling Video

If your skills go beyond photo and you can create stunning videos, music or maybe design website templates or plugin and more you can become part of the Envato community selling your creation on the envato marketplace


videohive net-Templates for After Effects, Apple Motion and Cinema 4D   VideoHive


Make money designing logos

And finally if you are really talented in design stunning logos don’t forget to check 48 hours logo

www 48hourslogo com-Logo Design Contests $29 - Affordable Custom Logo Design Online in just 48 Hours!


Final Words

Copywriting, image creation, music, videos and more, can provide a pathway to online success for the creative person.

Though neither is considered a “traditional” method of making money online, they still allow for a direct service to be provided to a customer and there are plenty of tools and services that facilitate these transactions.


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