February 2015 Income Report

This February has been quiet, but steady.

After my time management article, I figured out the single factors that can kill your business immediately, whether you are picky with your task management or not.

It’s a good article, and it immediately changed my time and task management, which has in turn changed the results I am getting now.

I spent most of February working on organizing things in a different way and my journey towards the “English market” has a new face now.

There is still a lot of work in progress too.

But as with all good things I decided to start with another 15 days of vacation, I have some friends visiting from Italy so I need to dedicate some time to them.

Disconnecting from your computer is fundamental, especially if there is a new project to think about.

Although I haven’t been doing a lot of writing and marketing in February (none in fact!), Lifestyle Ultimatum has made its month, with visits drawing down in the middle and recouping at the end.

I’m still impressed with how a blog with low visits can perform.

Good quality articles really make a difference and this month I can say it loud, because 90% of the income is from my article: Choose The Best Hosting.

I think it’s not only the article itself that makes the difference, but also the trust and effort I put into it that makes it deserve those results. (Yes I am talking about Karma and stuff like that; we will speak about it in the future.)

So, let’s face the numbers:

February Income Report

Well, in the last income report, thanks to using Inspectlet, I had the big surprise that 50% of readers leave the blog after visiting the Analytics Report.

So I immediately decided to put the income first, for many reasons and you know what? Inspectlet was right! Because something changed and I will reveal all immediately!

This is the income from the month:



Affiliate program Earnings
Inspectlet 19,50
GetResponse 27,38
Siteground 250
Just Host 60
StudioPress 29,73
Total 386,61


As you can see, Inspectlet has made a sale and I must say that is of great satisfaction, because I have been able to convey to someone the value in this product.

I think I will do a new tutorial about it soon.

Here is the Scroll Map that shows you that more than 50% of readers read the income report this time, and in the last income report the result was completely different.


www inspectlet com-View Heatmap - Inspectlet


The most interesting thing is seeing that people have read more this time and with more interest, because they understood that there was some value.

This time the visitor report has not stopped the readers in their tracks, and not only that but:



The system tracked the exact clicks that produced the sales for me:



Can you track your clicks and converting links like this?

In order for you to understand why I focus so much time on affiliate link tracking and How To Setup Google Analytics Like A Pro, we need to take a look at the monthly visits.




Yes, very few visits, but the proportion between the visits and earnings makes sense and the value is Google Analytics done properly.

Just to have a general recap, I sometimes do less than 1 article per week and a bit of promotion, focusing the most on just writing things that I think are important and occasionally sharing content.

Starting from August 2014 this is the growth of the blog.



The spike you see on the chart is from a lot of forum activity that I did to increase traffic and spread the website around – done in the correct way, not by spamming.

The rest is driven by Google and referrals.



I am still amazed by some of the keywords I am getting:


As always I have to say that signature tracking (especially fortracking any external traffic sources) is another must that you should be doing right now.



It really allows me to understand what content drives more traffic to the site in a brief overview:



You can see with your own eyes that the “Google Analytics Tracking” article is the most clicked this month.

It doesn’t drive any sales but it’s really very useful. You should read it and subscribe because even juicier articles are coming your way, so if you want to receive them straight to your inbox all you have to do is subscribe below!

It’s not just a good article, it’s also full of important information that every blogger should read.

My last piece of advice to you is to write an income report on your own blog, and not just for your readers, it’s mainly for yourself.

This small article is something that changes your perception of the blog, forcing you first to read your numbers and then to make them work for you, in full knowledge of what is really giving you the most success and best results.

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