Email Marketing Software: How to install an ebook and newsletter webform

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One of the most important marketing tools in the web is certainly the email marketing.

To offer to our readers the possibility to subscribe to our newsletter is one of the best marketing strategies that offers many advantages.

But, to choose which one is the best email marketing software is not an easy choice, because there are many factors to keep in consideration.

But after more than 10 years, working in the web marketing, I understand that the two best email marketing software, are Aweber and Getresponse.

What will you learn in this tutorial:

  1. How to create an account aweber
  2. How to install a web form for subscribing to newsletter
  3. How to Install a webform for downloading an ebook
  4. And to conclude our tutorial, how to change the theme of our blog

How to setup an aweber account and create a webform for newsletter and ebook download


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Let’s see how I did it:

The first things we need to do is to setup an aweber account. Let’s go to aweber.
Click on let’s start with 1 dollars.
Get started with 1 dollar

You will need to register a credit card in this case. I know that it is not simple to put your credit card online, but remember that you can cancel your subscription in every moment.

For now you need and Aweber account to understand how everything work, and it is the only real account that at the minimum price allow you seriously to understand how the system works.

Compile the form with all the needed information

Compile with needed info


Then you need to enter your billing information and a valid credit card

Once ready hit the button I agree complete my order.

Cmpiling billing info


Skip the video. It explain you how to add more option to your offer, but for now we will skip it, and we will click: “No thanks continue to check out!”

Skip offer and click thankyou


Now we are all set. Check your email and you will find an Aweber email with the account credential to login to our new account in aweber.

check email aweberLogin to your new Aweber account and once logged in, skip the intro clicking in the link below and then setup your campaign informationSetup account infoOnce completed the form proceed to the next step where you will set up the list information.
Each campaign can handle more lists. For every lists you can have more autoresponder emails and newsletter.

Setup aweber List

Let’s give a name to the list. I will call it Newsletter and I will give a simple description.

When everything is setup click the Next Step button.

Now Customize your Confirmation email.

Choose a good subject for the email that your subscribers will receive once they will opt-in to your newsletter

Customize confirmation email

Edit also the email template, and personalize it as best.

And then click approve message and create list.

Approve the comfirmation email


In the next screen you will be ready to setup your web from.

We will create a first one just to show you the basic procedure, then you will play around experimenting different design.

Create your first webform


Explore the different design and choose the one you prefer.

Set the web form template


You can changes the colors to make the webform fit better your needs, also you can personalize the web form adding more fields, removing text and more.

You can also personalize the Header of your Web Form clicking on the header and edit the text. I will insert some text, change the Font and center the text.

Once ready click Save

Personalize the Web Form Header

I will remove the advertisement form the footer of the web form and then click save.

Then click the button to go to step 2

Save web form

Here you will give a name to the websofrm and also you can decide the thank you page you want to use, the one where the subscriber will be redirected after compile the form.


We have already a thank you page ready from our wordpress set up, that we can use and personalize if needed under the Pages in wordpress

Just copy the page url of the page and put it inside the field.

Set thank you page

And save again, and then go to the last step.

Here just click I will install my webform and copy the code you will paste in the Text Widget in wordpress.

Install code

Copy the code and go under Appearance –> Widget in wordpress.

Set up a text widget with the form code

There take a text widget and move it where you want it to be and then clicking on it, open it and paste the copied code inside, then click save.


This will create a widget with your web form ready. If you reload the home page you will see the form ready in place.

Reload the homepage


Now we will create the ebook download web form.

Let’s go back to Aweber and edit the form again. Now you can choose a different design that fit better the download ebook design

Ebook downalod webform

Load the template again and personalize the header to invite the reader to subscribe to download the ebook.

Save the new header and save the web form when you are ready.

Now go to the messages menu and click on follow up series to create our first follow up, the one where we will deliver the ebook to the reader as soon as the reader subscribe to our autoresponder.

set the follow up menu

Click the create your first follow up button.


And then let’s insert the text. Here we can personalize our message. Obviously you must create a good message for your reader, not a simple one like in this example.

Edit the Email Subject and upload the ebook, we will paste the URL of the ebook directly in our follow up email.


Before to put the link of the ebook in the email we need to upload it to our blog.

To do this go inside wordpress and under the Media menu click Add New.

Click on select file and upload your PDF ebook.


When the ebook is uploaded it will appear an edit link that allow you to enter and see the download ebook URL


Select and copy the url on the right and paste it inside the first email as link.


Select the url and click the chain button to create a clickable link. Paste in the pop up the link again and you are ready to save your follow up.

Complete the email with some text and greetings.

And when the email is ready save it and proceed to the next step.



Here you just need to click save and exit


And you are all setup, now if you update the Home page you will see the new webform in place and to your subscriber, when they subscribe to download the ebook, they will receive the first email with the download link inside.

Go to the homepage, reload the page to see the results.

And if you want you can test your form to see if everything work!


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