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One of the hardest tasks in web marketing is to create stunning landing pages.

Knowing how to Design great landing pages is mandatory whether you are a web designer or a web marketer.

After much research and testing, from the basic self-made design to the professional software, I finally understood the necessity of advanced features in premium landing page tools like LeadPages.

Having these features at hand helps me save time and increases profits through split testing.

Among my tests, I chose LeadPages as my favorite tool and OptimizePress as a tool to have in your WordPress (if you are a WordPress user) as a one-time payment tool.

I have also prepared my top five tools list for you to consider in your research.

Whether you run WordPress or not, you could consider a one-time Payment Tool like TenMinutesPages for example, or a funnel generator like ClickFunnels, but you should research all their features before you decide.

Trust me, it has been difficult for me to decide what to choose among all these amazing tools but if you read this article I will make this task easier for you.

To me, LeadPages seems the best choice.

Giving you a high conversion rate, great stats and a fast and reliable service, it is easy to integrate with many important online tools.

I have been testing several tools from WordPress Plugins to Online services and I have finally created a list of 5 amazing products to choose from.

So let’s check out how I have done my analysis.


8 Analysis Parameters

I identified 8 analysis points to evaluate the best landing page design tool.

So choosing one of the landing page-building tools that I have already tested is the best way to succeed.

After my analysis I identified my top five:

  1. LeadPages
  2. OptimizePress
  3. Ten Minutes Pages
  4. Clickfunnels
  5. InstaPages

The main evaluation points are:

  1. Conversion rates
  2. Design and customization
  3. Statistics and testing
  4. Funnel Generation
  5. Autoresponder and Webinar services integration
  6. Easy to integrate on your website in general and WordPress in particular
  7. Compatibility with Facebook
  8. Price/Value

Below you can see the slides with the results of my investigation:

The Best Software To Create Outstanding Landing Pages from Lifestyleultimatum

First: What Is A Landing Page?

Most of you already know what a Landing page is, but for some people reading this first will help.

A landing page is a page with a custom design made to sell something or to subscribe people to a particular email list, newsletter or event.

It may be a page to subscribe people to a webinar, subscribe people to your autoresponder, newsletter, private area or sell them a service or product and many other options where conversion rate is involved.

We can identify many kinds of pages like Squeeze pages, Landing Pages and other page types but the basic function is always the same: Introduce an audience to a specific action and try to get the best conversion rate possible.

To Funnel Or Not To Funnel?

Another question is, do you need a funnel ready system?

Generally speaking a funnel is a sequence of pages so if the tool isn’t giving you the option to create a funnel you can build it in your website page by page.

However, a tool that creates ready-made converting funnels for you is a good starting point.

The only tool in my analysis that stood out for this purpose was Clickfunnels, but after my investigation I’m sure that it’s a good choice if you need to work with funnels a lot.

I don’t think it’s the right tool for anyone with a blog-based business.

If you read my analysis you will also understand why this tool doesn’t have me completely convinced.


Let’s Dive Into The Investigation

1 – Conversion Rate

The first parameter to pay attention to is conversion rate.

Landing pages are made for converting subscriptions or sales. There is nothing as important as the ability of a landing page to convert.

What you want is to spend the least amount of time possible to create the highest converting pages possible, that’s it.

To reach the highest conversion possible there are two things you should pay attention to.

The first one is what you write on the page and this depends uniquely on your offers and copywriting. The second one is templates.

Having a conversion proof tested template helps you improve your conversions.

When you have data on how much a specific template is converting when used on other campaigns this will help you to understand how well they are doing.

The best tool for this is LeadPages.


With a lot of templates there is also a tutorial on how to optimize conversion and how to create an outstanding Landing Page or Funnel if you choose a funnel template.

Landing Pages Tutorial from LeadPages


From this you can see that LeadPages has more than just a landing page.

So if you don’t use LeadPages, you’ll need to work in two ways to reach these goals:

  1. Copy another template that you know converts well and do your own split test.
  2. Choose software with stunning templates that convert, ready to use


Landing Page Template: Is It Smart To Do It Yourself?

The other software I tested claims high conversion rates on pages, but they all allow you to edit the template more than LeadPages do.

I say ‘but’ because you may want a highly customizable template, however, I would remind you that you want high converting pages with the least amount of time and effort possible.

Editing your page via drag and drop is the best option to create a high converting template while spending less time designing.

LeadPages gives you dozens of ready-made high quality design templates based on higher conversions so you don’t need to do much.

Just connect your service, setup the color, logos and text.

They continue to add templates that come from successful tests made by their subscribers.

When I say templates I mean funnels, pages, thank you pages, webinar pages and more.

There are funnels available with LeadPages that create stunning and complex navigational behavior and a good user experience on your website, and if you need to create an A/B test you can set it up in seconds.

They are the most experienced company on the market for landing page and squeeze page conversion rate optimization.

Their client list is comprised of some outstanding web marketers like John Chow, Path Flynn and many others.

It is also the lead generation tool used by many Mobe members and this says a lot in my opinion.

There are other good services in the market to keep in consideration though.

For example a service I mentioned before called ClickFunnels creates stunning sales funnels like LeadPages does (if not better). You can see a video below:

Although ClickFunnels declare to have a lot more features than LeadPages, it isn’t as good in design appearance or as fast in integration as LeadPages is.

Moreover Clickfunnels is the worst in my list for WordPress integration because you need to copy an iFrame code to insert it into your page.

You should also have a white template page in your WordPress installation.


Is LeadPages The Right Choice?

It’s still early in the analysis so there is more evaluation to go yet but so far I think LeadPages is something that stands apart from other services.

One service that impressed me was TenMinutesPages because it is a different type of service from LeadPages and it is a one-time payment.

They claim to have high converting pages too, and compared with LeadPages their templates are easier to customize in design via drag and drop.

However TenMinutesPages has a specific page appearance that suits certain offers better.

All the pages generated by TenMinutesPages are hosted and coded on your website and not in an online service, this means you don’t pay monthly fees and you own your own pages.

The online editor they give you access to is similar to a word editor and allows you to set up a page as you like with a simple drag and drop procedure.

In the Ultimate version it also allows you to edit images and record video directly online in the edit panel.

As I already said, it is a stunning tool but I think it is graphically limited to certain applications.

Landing Page Editor from TenminutesPages

They give you many other features inside their offers and if you want to know more about those features you should check all the videos they have on this page:


Another service that claims to have high quality converting templates but I excluded from my top five is LivePages. They give you 7 preset layouts.

I found it limited on many aspects and for the limited features it gives you it is quite expensive.

For this reason I instead included InstaPages in my top 5 list. They give you 80+ templates ready to go.

I was also drawn to KickOffLabs initially because they give you an impressive first overview of the service.

Again I didn’t add it to my top 5 for many reasons; the first is the limited integration with email services.

They integrate Aweber and MailChimp but not GetResponse, and if you read my Autoresponder comparison review you will understand why you MUST have GetResponse.

I was also drawn by the appearance of a free service, which is how it seemed at first sight, but soon you will understand that it is anything but free if you really want to work.

LandingPages Templates


All those services have something good but I’m still not completely convinced.

Some of them have traffic limits which is something I dislike more than anything else when I am working with a landing page service.

InstaPages and ClickFunnels, each have those restrictions and although they probably give you enough room to do all the marketing you need I don’t want to be limited.



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Other Services To Consider

I would also like to spend some time talking about GetResponse Landing Pages service (integrated in the email service that you can buy from them).

I don’t have any data to share with you that shows GetResponse Landings have high converting pages, however GetResponse is a service that converts well in general so I trust what they do.

They give their clients stunning courses in which they teach how to optimize pages to convert more subscribers.

In particular I am referring to the free course you can get as a customer that teaches you how to get 10,000 subscribers in 90 days with GetResponse.

So although it is not on my top 5, if you buy GetResonse as an email service you will already have landing pages included.

Design & Customization

We’ve looked at this already but I want to dig a little deeper with a question:

Do you want a less customizable design with higher conversion rate OR a more customizable design which leaves you unsure of the conversion rate?

You should go for higher conversion rates in the least amount of time possible, that’s it.

For the sake of high conversion I will always be willing to pay more for a service that gives me more and LeadPages gives you this.

You should also know that to accomplish such results you’ll be limited in your page design because LeadPages is the least customizable choice.

So here I want to introduce you OptimizePress which is second in my top 5 and is the Plugin (or template) that allows you the freedom to design.

Why OptimizePress?

OptimizePress allows you to create your own pages, funnel and member area, completely customized and integrated to WordPress.

See it in action in this video:

LeadPages is just what it is; it is probably the highest converting service on the market. They will literally teach you what a landing page is no matter what your knowledge is.

OptimizePress allows you to create other pages and funnels in your website forever, with a complete customized design.

You can connect it with analytics and use Google Analytics Content Experiments to perform your split testing and tracking.

Also, although it is not integrated with Facebook like LeadPages, you can embed it with an iFrame on your Facebook page.

You can read about it here:


If you want to learn how to do it you can watch the video below (thanks to Yoel Cohen):

Testing & Statistics

In my top five list all the tools can perform A/B testing (some only offer this in specific premium plans) and all those services can be integrated with Analytics if needed, but again ClickFunnels is the most complicated because it needs to be connected by CloudFlare.

However Clickfunnels and LeadPages have a stunning statistic panel and they don’t need to be connected with Google Analytics.

Mobile, Responsive & Facebook Integration

I don’t think I need to explain why Mobile and Facebook are so important, I am certain that you already know.

I consider Facebook and Responsiveness as two things you simply have to have because it is an important integration.

Facebook is a great commercial platform and it allows you to have paid traffic. More than any other device today people are connected to Facebook by mobile.

All the analyzed services are mobile friendly and they all work with Facebook.

Landing Pages Tools Prices

Finally, we need to distinguish the onetime payment services from the monthly billed ones.

OptimizePress have a onetime cost of $297 for the unlimited version and $197 or $97 in the limited versions, but they are probably both good enough for what you need.

TenMinutesPages is more a expensive offer with the top level costing $490 and the lower levels for $297. The very limited version is $95. As a onetime payment they offer much more than only a landing page builder.

You should check it out for yourself.

Monthly Billed Service

If you choose a monthly payment service, you should do a different evaluation and consider the annual cost compared to the one-time cost.

ClickFunnels: The most expensive service is ClickFunnels with $297 for the high level service with limited visits and funnels and on the lower levels a cost of $97 or $37.

The $37 level is very limited, you can use this account for testing the functionality of the tools because they set a limit of 5 funnels, 20 pages and 5000 visits per month with no A/B testing.

InstaPage: The second most expensive option is InstaPages, at $179, $79 and $29. The only one that isn’t limited in visits is the $179 plan, this is unlimited.

The other plans, visits aside, are not bad in features so they are still a good service but expensive, especially when you consider what they offer.

KickOffLabs: Technically it is not on my top five list but only because they don’t integrate GetResponse.

For other features it is worth a mention and it costs $149  / mo for the Business, $49 Premium or $29 Starter.

Sadly as with ClickFunnels the basic account is limited and so only really useful for testing purposes.


The Cheapest Option Is: LEADPAGES!

Now you can imagine why I would recommend LeadPages above all the others.

With a cost of $67 per month for the higher level, $40 per month for the middle and just $25 in the lower level on the annual plan it is a stunning service.

It is also worth mentioning that the most common level chosen is $40 and not $67, because in the Enterprise level (the $67 one on annual plan) the only extra services are coaching and subaccounts.

If you choose the monthly plan instead of the annual one the price of the PRO raises to $67, but this is still a fairly cheap price.

So it is clearly the winner above all the other services.


Here is a comparison table:

Software/Service Payment Type Basic Pro Business
Optimizepress OneTIme 97 197 297
TenMinutesPages OneTime 95 297 497
LeadPages Recurring 25 40 67
KickoffLabs Recurring 29 49 149
instapage Recurring 29 79 179
ClickFunnel Recurring 37 97 297



As I mentioned earlier LeadPages win every time against all the competitors, but this doesn’t necessarily mean it is always the right tool to use.

OptimizePages can be a good solution in certain scenarios; you can also copy pages from other services with it and you don’t have to pay monthly fees.

There are other easy, cheaper solutions like Visual Composer to consider if you want to create special designed pages, but they are just drag and drop plugins that just allow you to design a better page.

Conversion is another story.

I hope you enjoyed reading my article and that it has been useful for you.

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