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fishing-lifestyle-money-1When I realized this project for you, I wrote this to an award winning blogger (read and all will be revealed):

Desire to win, working in a reasonable amount of time is a real worth desire.

Bring people who have this desire to a real solution it’s value.

What is success for you?

Money? Peace? Be the next web marketing star? Buy an house for your family or a new Ferrari for yourself?

Don’t you think that achieve success in a reasonable amount of time and effort is a value?

Lifestyle Ultimatum aim to give you this! Success with the right effort, improving your lifestyle step by step.

Subscribe here, you will not receive anything! Sound odd?

No un-useful newsletter with un-useful secrets, this web form won’t gives you nothing apart your booking to a new lifestyle. This is your Ultimatum!

Submit and then still read!

Why you can increase your Lifestyle giving it the right Ultimatum?

All business online, all web marketer, everyone, but everyone I’ve known, by those who make a few hundred dollars, to those who make millions of dollars have always tried to give me the best advice according to their point of view.

All this is great, but always something is missing, never had this impression?

There is always something that does not work, and often we fall into the error that there is some hidden secret that is not being said.

Isn’t it True?


There is no secret! It ‘s just a communication problem that I am willing to break!

It easier than you think!

The method that you are taught is not applicable to your current lifestyle, to your knowledge and habits!

In all my years of internet, I have seen people spend thousands and thousands of euro in courses, ebooks, videos, training, etc., and eventually fail miserably and do not know why!

This is the real reason! Your lifestyle is not suited to do what these people do and then for you it is more difficult if not impossible!


Living in Costa Rica Now

My name is Andrea, and I’m the one in the center with the white T-shirt (Not John Chow the one on his right!)

Yeison Kim, John Chow, Andrea Fontebasso (me), Jun Jun Li, Matthew Woodward, Terry Lamb

Yeison Kim, John Chow, Andrea Fontebasso (me), Jun Jun Li, Matthew Woodward, Terry Lamb

It’s more than 10 years I am working in the world of online marketing.

I started on the Italian market, because I am Italian.

And in a small high competitive market it is not easy to be successful, but thanks to the Italian market I have learned many important things that lead me to where I am now.
In particular, taught me the hard way, or rather, the useless road!

Yeah, useless, the hard way is useless! Do they told you that you need to learn it in the hard way to make money online? FALSE!

Why it have to be always hard?

My work as a blogger in Italy has allowed me to move to the Caribbean and live the life I’ve always dreamed of!
But it was not easy at all, in fact, I can guarantee that it cost me more than what you can imagine, much more actually!

But now I live 500 meters from the ocean, I have a pool, I go to fish, also with international web stars, I have time to spend with my children, well, I call it a life that is worth living!

Don’t you agree? Don’t you deserve this?

Read on, it’s worth it …

It all started with a Caribbean beer …

Believe it or not, but this is a true story, and it’s my story and the one of my neighbor (in a minute I will reveal who is he) and this story allowed me to be today on the English market with this project, a project that will change your life, and mine, together! (I know, you can’t understand now, but it will be our future together, even if you don’t know now we will have one).

This project is for you, for me and for all the people who today don’t find the answer to their needs, to change their lives.

And I am strongly determined to change your life, I promise!

What happened? Well, I offered a beer to Matthew Woodward, an award winning blogger, and said that, every blogger have a bit of madness, so he agreed and came to Costa Rica to take it!

Crazyness? Determination? Well, no matter, but this change seriously the events.

And now it has become my neighbor, who was also infected by the LifestyleUltimatum, or to say it better, actually from the Pura Vida style, but this is another story ☺

Matthew taught me a bunch of things, with his transfer (ok actually because he is a fu**ing marketing genius) but also thank you to many beers, and above all one is more important than others.

That even a famous blogger could want this lifestyle, because it is the lifestyle that everyone wants, and it is the lifestyle that you’ll get if you follow my footsteps one step at a time!

I’m not saying I’ll take you to live in Costa Rica, this will be up to you, but you’ll get back to your freedom, the freedom that deep in your heart you know you deserve, and that you have always wondered why it is so difficult to reach.

Why is it always difficult?

Passion, if it not leads to results it turns off!
Otherwise it is not a passion, it is a craze!

It isn’t always difficult! My challenge is to make it easy, I know persons that had it easy, this mean that if they have done it we can make it too!

I am determined to make a slippering slide towards your success!

And as if you had purchased the bricks, and cement.

Everything seems logical, you want to build a house.

Buy a project from a webmarketer and start working on it, seems so simple!

After months and months of work, there is no home, so starts the sense of frustration and disappointment, and everything is abandoned!

It hurts even self-esteem, and than the “masters” tell you that you do not have enough knowledge, you haven’t worked enough hard, and you miss the point ect… False!

You were building a bridge! The project that it had been given to you was a bridge!

If you had been willing from the start to build a bridge you would have been successful!

But you was building a house, you want a house!

How many bridges I’ve built and how many people I see every day that they want to build homes but they still build bridge!

And you know what? Here we make houses! And that house!

Get your lifestyle ultimatum and start to build your house now!

I’ll wait you in the free world!




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